Fourth Special Report - Government response to Third Special Report

Fourth Special Report

On 8 March 2019 the Committee published its Third Special Report: Government response to parliamentary scrutiny of statutory instruments. The response from the Government was dated from 3 May 2019 and received on 7 May 2019. The response is appended below.

Appendix: Government Response: Letter to Chair of the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments from the Leader of the House of Commons

1.I am writing to you following the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments’ (JCSI) Third Special Report of Session 2017–19, which was published on 8 March 2019. The report focused specifically on the way in which the Government has responded to the JCSI’s scrutiny of statutory instruments (SIs) in the 2017–2019 parliamentary session.

2.I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, your committee colleagues and the committee staff for the vital work that has been undertaken in this period to scrutinise every SI within your remit, making Parliament aware of important issues to inform wider debate.

3.It has been particularly important during recent months when Parliament has considered over 530 exit SIs. Your Committee’s work has played a significant role in allowing Parliament to effectively scrutinise these instruments and to ensure a functioning statute book when the UK leaves the EU.

4.As highlighted in your report, whilst compliance with the Committee’s recommendations is not obligatory, the Government takes the Committee’s view very seriously. This is reflected in the fact that, where SIs have been reported on, in the majority of instances departments have addressed the issues the Committee has raised.

5.As your report suggests there are always areas where we can do better and I am keen to see a reduction in the number of SIs containing errors. I will be writing to Ministerial colleagues in both Houses on this and reminding them that they should continue to address the points raised by the Committee during any subsequent debates.

6.I am copying this letter to the Leader of the House of Lords.

Rt Hon. Andrea Leadsom MP

Leader of the House of Commons

Published: 13 May 2019