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Joint Committee on the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act

The Joint Committee was appointed to: (a) carry out a review of the operation of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, pursuant to section 7 of that Act, and if appropriate in consequence of its findings, make recommendations for the repeal or amendment of that Act; and

(b) consider, as part of its work under subparagraph (a), and report on any draft Government Bill on the repeal of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 presented to both Houses in this session.


House of Lords

Lord McLoughlin (Chair) (Conservative)

Lord Beith (Liberal Democrat)

Lord Grocott (Labour)

Lord Jay of Ewelme (Crossbench)

Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon (Labour)

Lord Mancroft (Conservative)

House of Commons

Aaron Bell MP (Conservative, Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Chris Bryant MP (Labour, Rhondda)

Jackie Doyle-Price MP (Conservative, Thurrock)

Dame Angela Eagle MP (Labour, Wallasey)

Maria Eagle MP (Labour, Garston and Halewood)

Peter Gibson MP (Conservative, Darlington)

Mr Robert Goodwill MP (Conservative, Scarborough and Whitby)

David Linden MP (Scottish National Party, Glasgow East)

Alan Mak MP (Conservative, Havant)

Mrs Maria Miller MP (Conservative, Basingstoke)

John Spellar MP (Labour, Warley)

Alexander Stafford MP (Conservative, Rother Valley)

Mr Shailesh Vara MP (Conservative, North West Cambridgeshire)

Craig Whittaker MP (Conservative, Calder Valley)


The Committee has the power to require the submission of written evidence and documents, to examine witnesses, to meet at any time (except when Parliament is prorogued or dissolved), to adjourn from place to place within the United Kingdom, to appoint specialist advisers, and to make Reports to both Houses. The Lords Committee has power to agree with the Commons in the appointment of a Chairman.


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The Reports of the Committee are published by Order of both Houses. All publications of the Committee are on the Internet at

Evidence relating to this report is published on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

Committee staff

Joint Committee staff are as follows: Eve Samson (Commons Clerk), Christopher Clarke (Lords Clerk), Patrick Thomas (Committee Specialist), Graeme Cowie (Constitutional Law Researcher, House of Commons Library), Hannah Stewart (Legal Specialist), Ian Hook (Senior Executive Officer), and Robert Cocks (House of Lords Committee Assistant).


All correspondence should be addressed to the Commons Clerk of the Joint Committee on the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. The telephone number for general enquiries is 020 7219 8370; the Committee’s email address is

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