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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FTP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Ali, Junade (FTP0004)

2Association of Electoral Administrators (FTP0021)

3Blick, Dr Andrew (FTP0018)

4Bogdanor, Vernon (Professor of Government, Kings College London) (FTP0001)

5Craig, Mr Robert (FTP0019)

6Electoral Commission (FTP0023)

7Evans, Paul (FTP0006)

8Cabinet Office (FTP0024)

9Fleming, Dr Thomas (Lecturer in Politics, University of York) (FTP0012)

10Greenberg, Daniel (Counsel for Domestic Legislation, Office of Speaker’s Counsel, House of Commons) (FTP0010)

11Greene, Dr Alan (Senior Lecturer, Birmingham Law School) (FTP0009)

12Hazell, CBE, Professor Robert (FTP0003)

13Hazell, CBE, Professor Robert (FTP0013)

14Hickman QC, Professor Tom (Professor of Public Law, University College London (UCL)) (FTP0014)

15The Law Society of Scotland (FTP0005)

16McGarry, Dr John (Senior Lecturer in Law, Department of Law and Centre for Crime Justice and Security at Staffordshire University) (FTP0011)

17Natzler, KCB, Sir David (FTP0017)

18Phillipson, Professor Gavin (Professor of Law, University of Bristol Law School) (FTP0020)

19Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project (FTP0007)

20Prescott, Dr Craig (Lecturer in Law, Bangor University) (FTP0016)

21Schleiter, Professor Petra (Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Oxford) (FTP0012)

22Smalley, Mr Matthew (FTP0015)

23Smith, Mr David H (FTP0002)

24Spadijer, Steven (DPhil Candidate (Law); Lecturer and Tutor Pembroke College, Oxford, Oxford University) (FTP0008)

25Whisker, Dr Ben (FTP0022)

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