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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

BNS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ADS and CBRN-UK (BNS0005)

2AnotherDay (BNS0027)

3Arnold, Mr Ed (BNS0028)

4Black, Dame Sue (Professor and Pro-Vice Chancellor for Engagement) (BNS0016)

5British Society for Immunology (BNS0006)

6Buscher, Professor Monika (BNS0016)

7Cole, Dr Jennifer (BNS0021)

8Dando, Professor Malcolm (BNS0029)

9de Bretton-Gordon, Hamish (BNS0012)

10Elgabry, Ms Mariam (BNS0003)

11Emergent BioSolutions (BNS0007)

12Enemark, Professor Christian (BNS0026)

13Freedman, Sir Lawrence (BNS0018)

14Goodman, Professor Michael S (King’s College London) (BNS0025)

15Harman, Professor Sophie (Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary University of London) (BNS0011)

16Hay, Professor Alastair (GP and Professor of Primary Care, University of Bristol; Bristol Centre for Academic Primary Care Infection Research Group) (BNS0015)

17Her Majesty’s Goverment (BNS0013)

18Jewell, Dr Christopher (Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology, Lancaster Medical School) (BNS0016)

19Kothari, Dr Sherry (Director, Health Innovation Campus) (BNS0016)

20Lentzos, Dr Filippa (King’s College London) (BNS0025)

21Lewis, Dr Gregory (BNS0010)

22Lewis, Dr Patricia M (BNS0008)

23May-Chahal, Professor Corinne (Co-Director, Security Lancaster) (BNS0016)

24McInnes, Professor Colin (BNS0014)

25Nottingham Trent University, and C19 National Foresight Group (BNS0017)

26Novossiolova, Dr Tatyana (BNS0029)

27Outhwaite, Dr Opi (Associate Professor, St Mary’s University) (BNS0030)

28Ramscar, Helen (BNS0020)

29Roberts, Professor Karl (Consultant, World Health Organisation) (BNS0002)

30Rogers, Professor Paul (BNS0024)

31Sandeman, Hugh (LSE IDEAS) (BNS0004)

32School of International Futures (SOIF) (BNS0022)

33Schulte, Paul (BNS0032)

34Semino, Professor Elena (Director, Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science) (BNS0016)

35Sedda, Dr Luigi (Lecturer in Spatial Epidemiology, Lancaster Medical School) (BNS0016)

36Shaw, Major General Jonathan (BNS0019)

37Suri, Professor Neeraj (Co-Director, Security Lancaster) (BNS0016)

38Think Unthinkable Ltd (BNS0023)

39Unal, Dr Beyza (Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House) BNS0009)

41Wakefield, Mr Ben (Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House) (BNS0009)

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