The Government’s response to COVID-19: human rights implications Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

COV numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Adolphe, Mrs Nicola (COV0036)

2The Advocacy People (COV0089)

3Age UK (COV0116)

4akt (COV0186)

5Alhelbawy, Dr Ayman (COV0090)

6Alliance for Inclusive Education (COV0160)

7Alton, Lord Alton of Liverpool David (COV0095)

8Amnesty International UK (COV0252)

9Amnesty International UK, and Migrant Voice (COV0067)

10Amnesty International UK, and Migrant Voice (COV0104)

11Amos, Professor Merris (COV0029)

12Amos, Professor Merris (COV0026)

13Anti-slavery International (COV0237)

14Appleton, Yana (COV0034)

15Article 39 (COV0175)

16ATD Fourth World UK (COV0198)

17Atkinson, Mr Luke (COV0071)

18Basu, Dr Subhajit (COV0108)

19Bestel, Dr Sheahan (COV0042)

20Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law (Nyasha Weinberg, Research Fellow) (COV0212)

21Birth Companions (COV0125)

22Birthrights (COV0224)

23Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford (Dr Talita de Souza Dias, Postdoctoral Research Fellow) (COV0213)

24The British Institute of Human Rights (COV0235)

25The British Institute of Human Rights (COV0236)

26The British Institute of Human Rights (COV0239)

27Brownlee, Professor Kimberley (COV0173)

28Brownlee, Professor Kimberley (COV0100)

29The Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland (CFoIS) (COV0241)

30Care Quality Commission (COV0254)

31Care Quality Commission (Mr Matthew Rose, Parliamentary Engagement Adviser) (COV0124)

32Carnegie UK Trust (COV0165)

33The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University (Professor Karen Broadhurst, Professor) (COV0200)

34Chidlow, Mrs Friday (COV0045)

35Chidlren Heard and Seen (COV0129)

36Child Poverty Action Group (COV0109)

37Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland (COV0088)

38Children Heard and Seen (COV0204)

39Children’s Commissioner for England (COV0143)

40Children’s Rights Alliance for England/Just for Kids Law (COV0148)

41Citizens Commission on Human Rights (United Kingdom) (COV0033)

42Clarke, Mrs Sharon (COV0112)

43Consent CIO (Oliver Muller, Trustee) (COV0039)

44CORE Coalition et al (COV0248)

45Couto, Dr Alexandra (COV0173)

46de Londras, Professor Fiona (COV0012)

47de Vries, Dr Bouke (COV0173)

48Detention Action (COV0218)

49Dr Elizabeth Stubbins Bates (COV0250)

50Dr Jonathan Pugh, Dr Lisa Forsberg, and Dr Thomas Douglas (COV0255)

51Dunne, Mrs Jaclyn (COV0048)

52Dzehtsiarou, Professor Kanstantsin (COV0132)

53Edwards, Professor Lilian (COV0121)

54EL-Moradi, Larbi (COV0258)

55Elder, Simon Robert (COV0018)

56Equality and Human Rights Commission (COV0251)

57Equality and Human Rights Commission (COV0157)

58Equality and Human Rights Commission (COV0159)

59Equality and Human Rights Commission (COV0131)

60Equally Ours (COV0257)

61Evangelical Alliance UK (COV0020)

62Faculty of Law, University of Oxford (Tsvetelina van Benthem, DPhil Candidate) (COV0213)

63Family Rights Group (Ms Cathy Ashley, Chief Executive) (COV0200)

64Fitz-Gibbon, Associate Professor Kate (COV0171)

65Fox, Dr Chris (COV0090)

66Friends Families and Travellers (COV0178)

67Fussey, Professor Pete (COV0090)

68Gilbert, Professor Geoff (COV0090)

69Goggin, Mr Hugh (COV0044)

70Goodman, Mr Alex (COV0002)

71Greater Manchester Disabled People’s Panel ( a Panel of 14 Disabled People’s Organisations advising the GM Mayor) (COV0206)

72Greene, Dr Alan (COV0012)

73Guinchard, Dr Audrey (COV0108)

74Hall, Ms Araminta (COV0031)

75Harman, Harriet (COV0119)

76Harman, Harriet (COV0111)

77Harrington, Professor John (COV0102)

78Harris, QC Russel (COV0002)

79Hendy, Mrs Barbara (COV0040)

80Hodge, Breach of Human Rights Sibelle (COV0027)

81Holford, Dr Angus (COV0076)

82Hudson, Miss Debra (COV0106)

83Human Rights Centre, University of Essex (Ms Judith Bueno de Mesquita, Co-Deputy Director) (COV0195)

84Human Rights Consortium Scotland (COV0203)

85Hunter, Alison (COV0052)

86Hutchings, Ms Lesley (COV0080)

87Imkaan (COV0222)

88Inclusion London (COV0196)

89Inclusion Scotland (COV0177)

90Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody (COV0253)

91Independent Age (COV0214)

92Information Commissioner’s Office (Denham, Information Commissioner) (COV0099)

93Information Law & Policy, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London (Dr Nora Ni Loideain, Director and Lecturer in Law) (COV0098)


95Jenkins, Dr David (COV0100)

96Just Fair (COV0228)


98Justice Studio, Solace Women’s Aid, and The University of Greenwich (COV0194)

99K Jones, Joanna (COV0064)

100Kimball-Brooke, Mrs Helen (COV0062)

101King, E.M (COV0053)

102Kirby, Dr Andrew (COV0043)

103Kirby, Mrs Mahes (COV0154)

104Kirkman, Susan (COV0047)

105Kornhauser, Sebastian (COV0010)

106The Law Society of England and Wales (Miki Bhalla, Public affairs adviser) (COV0120)

107Lewis, Dr Oliver (COV0043)

108Liberation (COV0217)

109Liberty (Hannah Couchman, Policy and Campaigns Officer (Technology and Human Rights)) (COV0092)

110Liberty (Mr Sam Grant, Policy and Campaigns Manager) (COV0130)

111Liu, Dr Dawn (COV0076)

112Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) (COV0162)

113London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Ms Lisa Montel, PhD Candidate) (COV0195)

114Lynskey, Dr Orla (COV0093)

115Macmillan Cancer Support (COV0216)

116Magistrates Association (COV0105)

117Mahmoudieh, Miss Deborah (COV0113)

118Malik, Nikita (COV0122)

119March, Mr Jon (COV0079)

120Markus, Mr Attila (COV0015)

121Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and the Law, The University of Edinburgh (Dr Emily Postan, Deputy Director: policy engagement) (COV0115)

122Maternity Action (COV0135)

123Mavronicola, Dr Natasa (COV0012)

124McCorquodale, Professor Robert (COV0232)

125McDonald-Maier, Professor Klaus (COV0090)

126McGregor, Professor Lorna (COV0090)

127Mead, Professor David (COV0068)

128Mead, Professor David (COV0069)

129Mead, Professor David (COV0077)

130Medical Justice (COV0244)

131member of the public (COV0245)

132Member of the public (COV0201)

133Member of the public (COV0256)

134Member of the public (COV0118)

135Member of the public (COV0144)

136Mencap and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation (COV0243)

137Middlesex University London (Dr Joelle Grogan, Senior Lecturer in Law) (COV0212)

138Mind (COV0227)

139Minson, Dr Shona (COV0151)

140Mountbatten-O’Malley, Eri (COV0086)

141Murray, Dr Daragh (COV0090)

142Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) (COV0229)

143National Autistic Society (COV0155)

144National Deaf CAMHS (COV0219)

145National Survivor User Network (COV0233)

146Neal, Mr Adam (COV0173)

147Neurodivergent Labour (Janine Booth, Chair) (COV0097)

148Nexus Chambers (Mr Lynton Orrett, Barrister) (COV0226)

149Nexus Chambers (Mr Omran Belhadi, Barrister) (COV0191)

150Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (Dr Hannah Russell, Director of Legal, Research and Investigations, and Advice to Government) (COV0072)

151NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) (COV0149)

152O’Dea, Ms Val (COV0170)

153Open Rights Group (COV0240)

154Open Rights Group (COV0127)

155Open Rights Group, Article 19, and Index on Censorship (COV0117)

156Open Rights Group, Big Brother Watch, Privacy International, and Deighton Pierce Glyn (COV0221)

157Open University (Dr Sue Parker, part time lecturer) (COV0150)

158Oxford Human Rights Hub (Dr Meghan Campbell, Deputy-Director) (COV0017)

159The Oxford University Disability Law and Policy Project, and The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights (COV0209)

160Parker, Mrs. Penny (COV0049)

161Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Mr Boriss Cilevičs, Chairperson, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights) (COV0005)

162People First (Self Advocacy) (COV0223)

163Pinkert, Dr Felix (COV0173)

164Piotrowicz, Professor Ryszard (Professor of Law, Aberystwyth University) (COV0153)

165Plan International UK (COV0078)

166POhWER (COV0152)

167Prison Reform Trust (COV0179)

168Prisoner Learning Alliance (COV0211)

169Prosser, Alan (COV0168)

170Protection Approaches (COV0205)

171Pupils 2 Parliament (COV0142)

172Purshouse, Dr Joe (COV0068)

173Purshouse, Dr Joe (COV0069)

174Pyke (COV0057)

175Quakers in Britain (COV0134)

176The Racial Justice Network, Stop The Scan, Yorkshire Resists, andAssist Sheffie (Mx H Brown) (COV0023)

177Relatives & Residents Association (COV0210)

178Ricketts, Mr Daley (COV0014)

179The Rights Lab (Dr Katarina Schwarz, Associate Director, Law and Policy) (COV0037)

180Rights Lab, Modern Slavery Evidence Unit (Dr Katarina Schwarz, Associate Director, Law and Policy) (COV0038)

181Royal College of Nursing (COV0166)

182Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (COV0172)

183The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (COV0011)

184Schaefer, Mrs Barbara (COV0024)

185School of Law, University of Essex (Dr Antonio Coco, Lecturer) (COV0213)

186School of Law, University of Warwick (Dr Sharifah Sekalala, Associate Professor) (COV0195)

187Scottish Comission For Learning Disability (COV0126)

188Scrutton, Mr Steven (COV0046)

189Segrave, Marie, Associate Professor (COV0171)

190Sekalala, Dr Sharifah (COV0102)

191Shaheed, Dr Ahmed (COV0090)

192Shared Lives Plus (COV0202)

193Sharp, Mae (COV0060)

194Sheffield,Mrs Linden (COV0030)

195SIAA (COV0207)

196South England Conference (COV0174)

197Southampton Law School, University of Southampton (Dr Claire Lougarre, Lecturer) (COV0195)

198Stonewall (COV0249)

199Summerland, Ms Lesley (COV0169)

200Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights) (COV0075)

201Transform Justice (Penelope Gibbs, Director) (COV0013)

202UCLan Cyprus (Ms Andrea Manoli, Research Fellow) (COV0176)

203UCLan Cyprus (Ms Xenia Kalatha, Intern) (COV0176)

204UCLan Cyprus (Prof Stephanie Laulhe Shaelou, Head, School of Law, the University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus) (COV0176)

205UK National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) (COV0145)

206UK Women’s Budget Group (COV0164)

207Unaccompanied Migrant Children’s Court Steering Group (COV0187)

208UNICEF UK (COV0188)

209University of Nottingham (Dr Ansgar Koene, Senior Research Fellow) (COV0185)

210University of Nottingham (Dr Jiahong Chen, Research Fellow) (COV0185)

211University of Nottingham (Professor Derek McAuley, Professor of Digital Economy) (COV0185)

212University of Oxford (Dr Jonathan Pugh, Parfit-Radcliffe Richards Senior Research Fellow) (COV0220)

213University of Oxford (Dr Lisa Forsberg, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow) (COV0220)

214University of Oxford (Dr Thomas Douglas, Senior Research Fellow) (COV0220)

215University of York (Dr Isra Black, Lecturer in Law) (COV0220)

216Veale, Dr Michael (COV0093)

217Vidal, Mr Michael (COV0022)

218VoiceAbility (COV0246)

219Walklate, Professor Sandra (COV0171)

220Wallace, Dr. Stuart (COV0087)

221Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities (COV0156)

222Wells, Dr Katy (COV0100)

223White, Dr Matthew (COV0247)

224Wish (COV0215)

225Women’s Aid Federation of England (COV0158)

226York Human Rights City Network (COV0163)

Published: 21 September 2020