Nineteenth Report of Session 2019-21 Contents

Appendix 2

S.I. 2020/596

General Osteopathic Council (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Rules Order of Council 2020

1.In its letter to the Department of 1st July 2020, the Committee requested a memorandum on the following points:

(1) Identify the provision that makes this instrument subject to a specified Parliamentary procedure.

(2) If there is no such provision explain why the instrument was laid before Parliament.

(3) If the instrument was required to be laid before Parliament, explain the long delay between the making and laying of the instrument.

2.In response to point (1), the Department confirms that there is no provision in the instrument that makes it subject to a specified Parliamentary procedure. Under section 36(3) of the Osteopaths Act 1993 (c.21), the negative procedure applies to instruments made under certain powers, none of which were exercised when making the instrument.

3.In response to points (2) and (3), the Department regrets that the instrument was laid before Parliament in error.

4.The Department apologises to the Committee for the error and assures the Committee that it will make every effort to ensure that the error is not repeated.

Department of Health and Social Care

7th July 2020

Published: 17 July 2020