The UK's national security machinery Contents

Annex 3: Acronyms and abbreviations

AI—Artificial intelligence

BEIS—Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

CCS—Civil Contingencies Secretariat

CDS—Chief of the Defence Staff

CfNS —College for National Security

COBR—taken to refer to the Civil Contingencies Committee, also known as ‘COBRA’

CRO—Chief Risk Officer

DA—Devolved Administrations

DFID—Department for International Development (before September 2020)

DNSA—Deputy National Security Adviser

FCDO—Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (after September 2020)

FCO—Foreign and Commonwealth Office (before September 2020)

FDI—Foreign direct investment

IfG—Institute for Government

INDEX—Information and Data Exchange, in the Cabinet Office

Integrated Review (IR)—Integrated Review for Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy

ISU—Investment Security Unit

JIC—Joint Intelligence Committee

JIO—Joint Intelligence Organisation

JTAC—Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre

LGD—Lead Government Department

MoD—Ministry of Defence

NATO—North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NGO—Non-governmental organisation

NSA—National Security Adviser

NSC—National Security Council

NSC(O)—National Security Council (Officials)

NSIG—National Security Implementation Group

NSM—National Security Ministers

NSRA—National Security Risk Assessment

ODA—Official Development Assistance

SDSR—Strategic Defence and Security Review

SR—Spending Review

SRO—Senior Responsible Owner

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