The UK's national security machinery Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

NSM numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ADS (NSM0004)

2Arnold, Ed (Director, The D Group) (NSM0014)

3Bowsher, Dr Gemma (Research Associate, Conflict and Health Research Group, Dept War Studies, King’s College London); Ms Rose Bernard (Research Affiliate, Conflict and Health Research Group, Dept War Studies, King’s College London); and Professor Richard Sullivan (Professor of Cancer and Global Health, Conflict and Health Research Group, Dept War Studies, King’s College London) (NSM0025)

4Cabinet Office (NSM0019)

5Cambridge University’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (NSM0029)

6Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (NSM0035)

7Cormac, Professor Rory (Professor of International Relations, University of Nottingham) (NSM0001)

8Devanny, Dr Joe (Lecturer in National Security Studies, King’s College London); and Dr Tim Stevens (Lecturer in Global Security, King’s College London) (NSM0020)

9Dover, Professor Robert (Professor, University of Hull) (NSM0012)

10Elgabry, Mariam (PhD Researcher in Cyber-biosecurity and a founding Director of Enteromics Ltd., UCL/Enteromics); Dr Darren Nesbeth (Associate Professor for Biochemical Engineering , Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering, UCL); and Prof Shane Johnson (Director of the Dawes Centre for Future Crime, Jill Dando Institute, UCL) (NSM0026)

11Greater Manchester Combined Authority (NSM0034)

12Henry Jackson Society (NSM0018)

13Hill, Dr Rowena (Associate Professor of Disasters and Emergencies, Nottingham Trent University); Rich Pickford (Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer, Nottingham Civic Exchange); and Adam Potter (Research Assistant, Nottingham Trent University) (NSM0010)

14Hilton, Sam (Research Affiliate, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Cambridge University) (NSM0011)

15Lentzos, Dr Filippa (Senior Research Fellow, King’s College London) and Professor Michael Goodman (Professor of Intelligence and International Affairs, King’s College London) (NSM0009)

16Lomas, Dr Daniel (Lecturer in International History, University of Salford) (NSM0021)

17National Security Adviser (Sir Stephen Lovegrove) (NSM0024) (NSM0032) (NSM0036)

18Northern Ireland Assembly (The Executive Office) (NSM0033)

19Novossiolova, Dr Tatyana (Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Democracy, Bulgaria) and Professor Malcolm Dando (Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow, University of Bradford, UK) (NSM0003)

20Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security, Cabinet Office (NSM0030)

21Omand, Sir David (Professor, War Studies Department, King’s College London) (NSM0002)

22Omand, Professor Sir David, former UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator in the Cabinet Office (2002–05) and Suzanne Raine, former Head of the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (2015–2017) (NSM0031)

23Ord, Dr Toby (Senior Research Fellow, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University) (NSM0013)

24Parker, Celia G (PhD candidate, King’s College London) (NSM0008)

25Rebellion Defence (NSM0005)

26Reform (NSM0027)

27Rethinking Security (NSM0017)

28Rogers, Professor Paul (Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies, University of Bradford) (NSM0006) and (NSM0022)

29Saferworld (NSM0016)

30School of International Futures (SOIF) (NSM0028)

31UK Computing Research Committee (UKCRC) (NSM0023)

32United Kingdom National Committee of the Blue Shield (NSM0007)

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