Draft Online Safety Bill Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

OSB numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

15Rights Foundation (OSB0096), (OSB0206), (OSB0205)

25 Sports: The Football Association, England and Wales Cricket Board, Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football League and Lawn Tennis Association, The FA (OSB0111)

3Action for Primates, Lady Freethinker (OSB0139)

4Ada Lovelace Institute (OSB0101)

5Advertising Standards Authority (OSB0213)

6Advisory Committee For Scotland (OSB0067)

7The Age Verification Providers Association (OSB0122)

8Alliance for Intellectual Property (OSB0016)

9All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Sexual Exploitation (OSB0037)

10Anti-Defamation League (OSB0030)

11Antisemitism Policy Trust (OSB0005)

12APPG Coalition (OSB0202)

13The Arise Foundation (OSB0198)

14Association of British Insurers (OSB0079)

15Aviva Plc (OSB0042)

16Barclays Bank (OSB0106)

17Dr Mikolaj Barczentewicz (Senior Lecturer in Law at University of Surrey) (OSB0152)

18Barnardo’s (OSB0017)

19Baroness Floella Benjamin, DBE (OSB0161)

20BBC (OSB0074)

21BBFC (OSB0006)

22Big Brother Watch (OSB0136)

23Board of Deputies of British Jews (OSB0043)

24Dr Emma Briant (Research Associate at Bard College) (OSB0155)

25British & Irish Law, Education & Technology Association (OSB0073)

26British Horseracing Authority (OSB0061)

27British Retail Consortium (OSB0087)

28Bumble Inc. (OSB0055)

29Mr Rae Burdon (Director at Reform Political Advertising) (OSB0199), (OSB0226)

30Andrew Campling, Director of 419 Consulting Ltd. (OSB0172)

31Care (OSB0085)

32Carnegie UK (OSB0095)

33Mr John Carr (Secretary of the Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety) (OSB0167), (OSB0216)

34Catch 22 (OSB0195)

35CEASE (Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation) (OSB0104)

36Centenary Action Group, Glitch, Antisemitism Policy Trust, Stonewall, Women’s Aid, Compassion in Politics, End Violence Against Women Coalition, Imkaan, Inclusion London, The Traveller Movement (OSB0047)

37Center for Countering Digital Hate (OSB0009), (OSB0227)

38Sarah Champion MP (OSB0208)

39The Children’s Society (OSB0245)

40CIFAS (OSB0051)

41Clean up the Internet (OSB0026), (OSB0238), (OSB0239)

42Cloudflare (OSB0091)

43Coadec (OSB0029)

44Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (OSB0240)

45Rachel Coldicutt (OSB0153)

46Common Sense (OSB0018)

47Compassion in Politics (OSB0050)

48Competition and Markets Authority (OSB0160)

49Confederation of British Industry (CBI) (OSB0186)

50Conscious Advertising Network (OSB0180)

51COST Action CA16207 - European Network for Problematic Usage of the Internet (OSB0038)

52The Lord Bishop of Oxford, Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft (OSB0212)

53Crown Prosecution Service (OSB0179)

54Paul Davis (Director of Fraud at TSB Bank Plc) (OSB0164)

55Defenddigitalme (OSB0188)

56Demos (OSB0159)

57Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and The Home Office (OSB0011), (OSB0243), (OSB0248)

58Digital Identity Net U.K. Ltd (OSB0143)

59Dignify (OSB0196)

60Direct Line Group (OSB0082)

61DMG Media (OSB0133), (OSB0220)

62Mr Downing (OSB0156)

63Electrical Safety First (OSB0100)

64Elizabeth Kanter (Director of Government Relations at TikTok) (OSB0219)

65End the Virus of Racism (OSB0173)

66Engine Advocacy (OSB0137)

67Epilepsy Society (OSB0008)

68Facebook (Meta) (OSB0147)

69Financial Conduct Authority (OSB0044), (OSB0229)

70The Football Association, Kick It Out (OSB0234)

71The Football Association, The Premier League, EFL, Kick It Out (OSB0007)

72For Humanity (OSB0230)

73Full Fact (OSB0056)

74Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group (OSB0151)

75Girlguiding (OSB0081)

76Glassdoor (OSB0033)

77Glitch (OSB0097)

78Global Action Plan (OSB0027)

79Global Action Plan, on behalf of the End Surveillance Advertising to Kids coalition, The Mission and Public Affairs Council of the Church of England, Global Witness, New Economics Foundation, Foxglove Legal, Fairplay, 5Rights Foundation, Andrew Simms, New Weather Institute, Dr Elly Hanson, Avaaz (OSB0150)

80Global Partners Digital (OSB0194)

81Google (OSB0175)

82Google UK Limited (OSB0218)

83Guardian Media Group (OSB0171)

84Gumtree UK (OSB0185)

85Hacked Off (OSB0041)

86Dr Elly Hanson (Clinical Psychologist) (OSB0078)

87Dr Edina Harbinja (Senior lecturer in law at Aston University, Aston Law School) (OSB0145)

88Hargreaves Lansdown (OSB0197)

89Henry Jackson Society (OSB0028)

90Dame Margaret Hodge (Member of Parliament for Barking and Dagenham at House of Commons) (OSB0201)

91HOPE not hate (OSB0048)


93The Independent Media Association (OSB0064)

94Independent Schools Council (OSB0187)

95Index on Censorship (OSB0249)

96Information Commissioner’s Office (OSB0062), (OSB0210), (OSB0211)

97Innovate Finance (OSB0116)

98International Justice Mission (OSB0025)

99Internet Association (OSB0132)

100Internet Matters (OSB0103)

101The Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA) (OSB0059)

102Internet Watch Foundation (OSB0110)

103The Investment Association (OSB0162)

104ITV (OSB0204)

105Ms. Daphne Keller (Director, Program on Platform Regulation at Stanford Cyber Policy Center) (OSB0057)

106Keoghs LLP (OSB0003)

107Sara Khan (Former Lead Commissioner at Commission for Countering Extremism); Sir Mark Rowley (Former Assistant Commissioner at Metropolitan Police Service) (OSB0034)

108Legal to Say, Legal to Type (OSB0049)

109The LEGO Group (OSB0146)

110LGBT Foundation (OSB0045), (OSB0046), (OSB0191)

111Lloyds Banking Group plc (OSB0135)

112Local Government Association (LGA) (OSB0178)

113Logically (OSB0094)

114LSE Department of Media and Communications (OSB0001), (OSB0236), (OSB0247)

115M&G PLC (OSB0176)

116Match Group (OSB0053)

117Minderoo, Centre for Technology and Democracy (OSB0237)

118Professor Clare McGlynn (Professor of Law at Durham University) (OSB0014), (OSB0244)

119medConfidential (OSB0010)

120Mencap (OSB0075)

121Meta (Facebook) (OSB0224)

122Microsoft (OSB0076)

123Gavin Millar QC (OSB0221)

124Mrs Gina Miller (OSB0112)

125Mobile UK (OSB0168)

126Molly Rose Foundation (OSB0149), (OSB0233)

127Money and Mental Health Policy Institute (OSB0036)

128MoneySavingExpert (OSB0113)

129Dr Martin Moore (Senior Lecturer at King’s College London) (OSB0063)

130Mumsnet (OSB0031)

131The Naked Truth Project (OSB0023)

132The National Union of journalists (OSB0166)

133Mr Hadley Newman (OSB0125)

134News Media Association (OSB0107)

135NSPCC (OSB0109), (OSB0228)

136Ofcom (OSB0021), (OSB0223)

137Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OSB0019)

138Office of the City Remembrancer, City of London Corporation (OSB0148)

139OnlyFans (OSB0217)

140Open Rights Group (OSB0118)

141Dr Amy Orben (College Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge) (OSB0131)

142Parentkind (OSB0207)

143Parent Zone (OSB0124), (OSB0250)

144Patreon Inc. (OSB0123)

145Mrs Friese Peach (OSB0002)

146Peers for Gambling Reform (OSB0114)

147Professor Andy Phippen (Professor of Digital Rights at Bournemouth University) (OSB0121)

148PIMFA (OSB0102)

149Polis Analysis (OSB0108)

150Premier Christian Communications Ltd (OSB0093)

151Professional Players Association (OSB0154)

152Professor Andrew Przybylski (Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow at University of Oxford) (OSB0193)

153Publishers Association (OSB0099)

154Quilter (OSB0024)

155Reddit, Inc. (OSB0058)

156Refuge (OSB0084)

157Reset (OSB0138), (OSB0203), (OSB0232)

158Revolut (OSB0117)

159Professor Jacob Rowbottom (OSB0126)

160RSA (OSB0070)

161Samaritans (OSB0182), (OSB0251)

162Schillings International LLP (OSB0183)

163Shout Out UK (OSB0128)

164Nathan Silver (OSB0013)

165Siobhan Baillie MP – Member for Stroud (OSB0242)

166Sky (OSB0165)

167Sky, BT, Channel 4, COBA, ITV, NBC Universal, TalkTalk, Virgin Media O2, Warner Media (OSB0177)

168Snap Inc. (OSB0012)

169Dr Francesca Sobande (Lecturer in Digital Media Studies at Cardiff University) (OSB0144)

170Somerset Bridge Group Ltd. (OSB0004)

171Sport and Recreation Alliance (OSB0090)

172StepChange Debt Charity (OSB0222)

173Stonewall (OSB0083)

174Rt Hon. Mel Stride MP (Chair at House of Commons Treasury Select Committee) (OSB0209)

175SumOfUs (OSB0068)

176Suzy Lamplugh Trust (OSB0246)

177SWGfL (OSB0054)

178Mr Mark Taber (Consumer Finance Expert, Campaigner & Media Contributor) (OSB0077)

179TalkTalk (OSB0200)

180Professor Damian Tambini (Distinguished Policy Fellow and Associate Professor at London School of Economics and Political Science) (OSB0066)

181Tech Against Terrorism (OSB0052)

182techUK (OSB0098)


184Transfrom Hospital Group Ltd (OSB0040)

185Twitter (OSB0072), (OSB0225)

186UK Finance (OSB0088)

187UK Interactive Entertainment (OSB0080)

188UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub (OSB0060)

189Virgin Media O2 (OSB0127)

190Vodafone UK (OSB0015)

191Dr Dimitris Xenos (Lecturer in Law at Cardiff Metropolitan University) (OSB0157)

192Mr Richard Watts (OSB0231)

193WebGroup Czech Republic, a.s., NKL Associates s.r.o. (OSB0142)

194Which? (OSB0115)

195Who Targets Me (OSB0086)

196Wikimedia UK (OSB0169)

197Women in Sport (OSB0105)

198Work and Pensions Committee (OSB0020)

199World Parrot Trust (OSB0215)

200Yoti (OSB0130)

201Young Epilepsy (OSB0140)

202Sophie Zhang (OSB0214)

203Zoom Video Communication (OSB0174)

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