Sixth Report of Session 2021-22 Contents

Instruments not reported

At its meeting on 23 June 2021 the Committee considered the instruments set out in the Annex to this Report, none of which was required to be reported to both Houses.


Instruments requiring affirmative approval

S.I. 2021/705

Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps and Other Provisions) (England) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2021

Draft Instruments requiring affirmative approval


Alcohol Licensing (Coronavirus) (Regulatory Easements) (Amendment) Regulations 2021


Business and Planning Act 2020 (Pavement Licences) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2021


Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations 2018 (Consequential Modifications) Order 2021


Occupational Pension Schemes (Climate Change Governance and Reporting) Regulations 2021


Road Vehicle Carbon Dioxide Emission Performance Standards (Cars and Vans) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2021


Market Surveillance (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2021


Bank of England Act 1998 (Macro-prudential Measures) (Amendment) Order 2021

Instruments subject to annulment

S.I. 2021/547

Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) (Amendment) Order 2021

S.I. 2021/552

Road Tunnel Safety (Amendment) Regulations 2021

S.I. 2021/553

Civil Procedure (Amendment No. 3) Rules 2021

S.I. 2021/558

Capital Requirements Regulation (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2021

S.I. 2021/565

Accounts and Audit (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2021

S.I. 2021/566

Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Collective Investment Schemes) (Amendment) Order 2021

S.I. 2021/574

Recognition of Professional Qualifications (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2021

S.I. 2021/579

Valuation Tribunal for England (Council Tax and Rating Appeals) (Procedure) (Amendment) Regulations 2021

S.I. 2021/586

Export Control (Amendment) Order 2021

S.I. 2021/595

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (Transfer of Staff to the Civil Aviation Authority) Regulations 2021

S.I. 2021/600

Immigration (Control of Entry through Republic of Ireland) (Amendment) Order 2021

S.I. 2021/670

Health Protection (Coronavirus, International Travel and Operator Liability) (England) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2021

S.I. 2021/682

Health Protection (Coronavirus, Testing Requirements and Standards) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2021

Instruments not subject to parliamentary proceedings not laid before Parliament

S.I. 2021/597

Agriculture Act 2020 (Commencement No. 1 and Transitional Provision) (England) Regulations 2021

S.I. 2021/605

Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021 (Commencement and Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2021

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