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Bach, William Stephen Goulden, Lord

Baker of Dorking, Kenneth Wilfred, Lord

Bakewell, Joan Dawson, Baroness

Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville, Catherine Mary, Baroness

Baldwin of Bewdley, Edward Alfred Alexander, Earl

Balfe, Richard Andrew, Lord

Bamford, Anthony Paul, Lord

Barber of Tewkesbury, Derek Coates, Lord

Barker, Elizabeth Jean, Baroness

Bassam of Brighton, John Steven, Lord

Bates, Michael Walton, Lord

Beecham, Jeremy Hugh, Lord

Bell, Timothy John Leigh, Lord

Benjamin, Floella Karen Yunies, Baroness

Berkeley, Anthony Fitzhardinge, Lord (sits as Lord Gueterbock)

Berkeley of Knighton, Michael Fitzhardinge, Lord

Berridge, Elizabeth Rose, Baroness

Best, Richard Stuart, Lord

Bew, Paul Anthony Elliott, Lord

Bhatia, Amirali Alibhai, Lord

Bhattacharyya, Sushantha Kumar, Lord

Bichard, Michael George, Lord

Bilimoria, Karan Faridoon, Lord

Billingham, Angela Theodora, Baroness

Birmingham, David Andrew, Bishop of

Birt, John, Lord

Black of Brentwood, Guy Vaughan, Lord

Black of Crossharbour, Conrad Moffat, Lord

Blackstone, Tessa Ann Vosper, Baroness

Blackwell, Norman Roy, Lord

Blair of Boughton, Ian Warwick, Lord

Blencathra, David John, Lord

Blood, May, Baroness

Blyth of Rowington, James, Lord

Boateng, Paul Yaw, Lord

Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury, Jane, Baroness

Boothroyd, Betty, Baroness

Borrie, Gordon Johnson, Lord

Borwick, Geoffrey Robert James, Lord

Boswell of Aynho, Timothy Eric, Lord

Bottomley of Nettlestone, Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell, Baroness

Bourne of Aberystwyth, Nicholas Henry, Lord

Bowness, Peter Spencer, Lord

Boyce, Michael Cecil, Lord

Boyd of Duncansby, Colin David, Lord[1]

Brabazon of Tara, Ivon Anthony, Lord

Bradley, Keith John Charles, Lord

Bradshaw, William Peter, Lord

Brady, Karren Rita, Baroness

Bragg, Melvyn, Lord

Bramall, Edwin Noel Westby, Lord[2]

Brennan, Daniel Joseph, Lord

Bridgeman, Robin John Orlando, Viscount

Bridges, Thomas Edward, Lord

Briggs, Asa, Lord

Brinton, Sarah Virginia, Baroness

Bristol, Michael Arthur, Bishop of

Broers, Alec Nigel, Lord

Brooke of Alverthorpe, Clive, Lord

Brooke of Sutton Mandeville, Peter Leonard, Lord

Brookeborough, Alan Henry, Viscount

Brookman, David Keith, Lord

Brooks of Tremorfa, John Edward, Lord

Brougham and Vaux, Michael John, Lord

Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood, Simon Denis, Lord

Browne of Belmont, Wallace Hamilton, Lord

Browne of Ladyton, Desmond Henry, Lord

Browne of Madingley, Edmund John Phillip, Lord

Browne-Wilkinson, Nicolas Christopher Henry, Lord

Browning, Angela Frances, Baroness

Burnett, John Patrick Aubone, Lord

Burns, Terence, Lord

Buscombe, Peta Jane, Baroness

Butler of Brockwell, Frederick Edward Robin, Lord

Butler-Sloss, Ann Elizabeth Oldfield, Baroness

Byford, Hazel, Baroness

1   Disqualified as a holder of a disqualifying judicial office, under s. 137 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005.  Back

2   Retired under the House's voluntary retirement scheme on 25 April 2013. Back

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