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Laird, John Dunn, Lord

Laming, William Herbert, Lord

Lamont of Lerwick, Norman Stewart Hughson, Lord

Lane-Fox of Soho, Martha, Baroness

Lang of Monkton, Ian Bruce, Lord

Lawrence of Clarendon, Doreen Delceita, Baroness

Lawson of Blaby, Nigel, Lord

Layard, Peter Richard Grenville, Lord

Lea of Crondall, David Edward, Lord

Leach of Fairford, Charles Guy Rodney, Lord

Lee of Trafford, John Robert Louis, Lord

Leeds, Nicholas, Bishop of

Leicester, Timothy John, Bishop of

Leigh of Hurley, Howard Darryl, Lord

Leitch, Alexander Park, Lord

Lennie, Christopher John, Lord

Lester of Herne Hill, Anthony Paul, Lord

Levene of Portsoken, Peter Keith, Lord

Levy, Michael Abraham, Lord

Lexden, Alistair Basil, Lord

Lichfield, Jonathan Michael, Bishop of

Liddell of Coatdyke, Helen Lawrie, Baroness

Liddle, Roger John, Lord

Lindsay, James Randolph, Earl of

Lingfield, Robert George Alexander, Lord

Linklater of Butterstone, Veronica, Baroness

Lipsey, David Lawrence, Lord

Lister of Burtersett, Margot Ruth Aline, Baroness

Listowel, Francis Michael, Earl of (sits as Lord Hare)

Lisvane, Robert James, Lord

Liverpool, Edward Peter Bertram Savile, Earl of

Livingston of Parkhead, Ian Paul, Lord

Lloyd-Webber, Andrew, Lord

Lockwood, Betty, Baroness

London, Richard John Carew, Bishop of

Loomba, Rajinder Paul, Lord

Lothian, Michael Andrew Foster Jude, Marquess of (sits as Lord Kerr of Monteviot)

Low of Dalston, Colin MacKenzie, Lord

Lucas, Ralph Matthew, Lord

Luce, Richard Napier, Lord

Ludford, Sarah Ann, Baroness

Luke, Arthur Charles St John Lawson, Lord

Lyell, Charles, Lord

Lytton, John Peter Michael Scawen, Earl of

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