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McAvoy, Thomas McLaughlin, Lord

McCluskey, John Herbert, Lord

McColl of Dulwich, Ian, Lord

McConnell of Glenscorrodale, Jack Wilson, Lord

McDonagh, Margaret Josephine, Baroness

Macdonald of River Glaven, Kenneth Donald John, Lord

Macdonald of Tradeston, Angus John, Lord

McFall of Alcluith, John Francis, Lord

Macfarlane of Bearsden, Norman Somerville, Lord

MacGregor of Pulham Market, John Roddick Russell, Lord

McIntosh of Hudnall, Genista Mary, Baroness

Mackay of Clashfern, James Peter Hymers, Lord

Mackay of Drumadoon, Donald Sage, Lord

MacKenzie of Culkein, Hector Uisdean, Lord

Mackenzie of Framwellgate, Brian, Lord

McKenzie of Luton, William David, Lord

MacLaurin of Knebworth, Ian Charter, Lord

Maclennan of Rogart, Robert Adam Ross, Lord

McNally, Tom, Lord

Maddock, Diana Margaret, Baroness

Magan of Castletown, George Morgan, Lord

Maginnis of Drumglass, Kenneth Wiggins, Lord

Mallalieu, Ann, Baroness

Malloch-Brown, George Mark, Lord

Mance, Jonathan Hugh, Lord[9]

Mancroft, Benjamin Lloyd Stormont, Lord

Mandelson, Peter Benjamin, Lord

Manningham-Buller, Elizabeth Lydia, Baroness

Manzoor, Zahida Parveen, Baroness

Mar, Margaret, Countess of

Mar and Kellie, James Thorne, Earl of (sits as Lord Erskine of Alloa Tower)

Marks of Henley-on-Thames, Jonathan Clive, Lord

Marland, Jonathan Peter, Lord

Marlesford, Mark Shuldham, Lord

Martin of Springburn, Michael John, Lord

Masham of Ilton, Susan Lilian Primrose, Baroness

Massey of Darwen, Doreen Elizabeth, Baroness

Maude of Horsham, Francis Anthony Aylmer, Lord

Mawhinney, Brian Stanley, Lord

Mawson, Andrew, Lord

Maxton, John Alston, Lord

May of Oxford, Robert McCredie, Lord

Mayhew of Twysden, Patrick Barnabas Burke, Lord

Meacher, Molly Christine, Baroness

Mendelsohn, Jonathan Neil, Lord

Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Susan Elizabeth, Baroness

Millett, Peter Julian, Lord

Mitchell, Parry Andrew, Lord

Mobarik, Nosheena Shaheen, Baroness

Mogg, John Frederick, Lord

Monks, John Stephen, Lord

Montagu of Beaulieu, Edward John Barrington, Lord

Montgomery of Alamein, David Bernard, Viscount

Montrose, James, Duke of

Moonie, Lewis George, Lord

Moore of Lower Marsh, John Edward Michael, Lord

Morgan, Kenneth Owen, Lord

Morgan of Drefelin, Delyth Jane, Baroness

Morgan of Ely, Mair Eluned, Baroness

Morgan of Huyton, Sally, Baroness

Morris of Aberavon, John, Lord

Morris of Bolton, Patricia, Baroness

Morris of Handsworth, William Manuel, Lord

Morris of Yardley, Estelle, Baroness

Morrow, Maurice George, Lord

Moser, Claus Adolf, Lord

Moynihan, Colin Berkeley, Lord

Murphy, Elaine, Baroness

Myners, Paul, Lord

9   Disqualified as a holder of a disqualifying judicial office, under s. 137 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005. Back

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