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This is the 24th edition of the Companion to the Standing Orders of the House of Lords since Sir John Shaw-Lefevre, then Clerk of the Parliaments, compiled his first edition for private circulation in 1862. It is issued with the authority of the Procedure Committee.

The Companion is the authoritative guide to procedure, but it is by no means the only source of information for members. A summary of key elements of procedure is given in the Brief Guide on Procedure and Practice in the House and Grand Committee, while general services are covered in the Handbook on facilities and services for Members and their staff. Members may also consult the Guide to the Code of Conduct, the Guide to Financial Support for Members (from the Finance Department) and the booklets on participation in legislative business issued by the Legislation Office. All such guidance is available online. The Table Clerks and procedural offices are always available to advise members.


Clerk of the Parliaments

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