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Session 2005 - 06
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House of Lords Sessional Papers

No. 21

Issued 29th July 2006 to 25th August 2006

Command Papers

Cm  6904.    Control of Immigration: Statistics United Kingdom 2005. Home Office. National Statistics. Session 2005-06. + Correction slip.

Cm  6903.    Department for Constitutional Affairs. Judicial Statistics 2005. (Revised.) Session 2005-06.

Cm  6877.    Home Office. Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals Great Britain 2005.

Cm  6879.    Northern Ireland Department of Finance and Personnel Memorandum on the 46th Report from the Public Accounts Committee Session 2005-06.

Cm  6902.    Treaty Series No. 19. Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement between the UK Government and the Russian Government on the Personal Uses of Nuclear Energy. 3rd September 1996.

House of Lords Papers

HLP  228.    European Union Committee. Current Developments in European Foreign Policy. Report with Evidence. 43rd Report 2005-06. Chairman: Lord Bowness.

HLP  229.    European Union Committee. Brussels European Union Council and the Priorities of the Finnish Presidency. 44th Report 2005-06. Chairman: Lord Grenfell.

HLP  238.    House of Lords. Resource Accounts 2005-06. Session 2005-06.

HLP  232-II.    Joint Committee on the Draft Legal Services Bill. Volume 2: Evidence. Chairman: Lord Hunt of Wirral. Session 2005-06.

HLP  239.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. The Committee's Future Working Practices. 23rd Report 2005-06.

HLP  240.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. Counter-Terrorism Policy and Human Rights: Prosecution and Pre-Charge Detention. 24th Report of Session 2005-06. Session 2005-06.

HLP  241.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. Legislative Scrutiny: 13th Progress Report. 25th Report of Session 2005-06. Drawing special attention to: Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill, Education and Inspections Bill. Session 2005-06.

HLP  244.    Register of Lords' Interests as amended to show position on 25th July 2006. Session 2005-06.

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