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Session 2004 - 05
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House of Lords Sessional Papers

No. 4

Issued 14th June to 20th June 2005

Command Papers

Cm  6543.    Cabinet Office Departmental Report 2005. Cabinet Office/HM Treasury.

Cm  6529.    Charity Commission for England and Wales 2005 Departmental Report. Home Office/HM Treasury.

Cm  6530.    Department for Constitutional Affairs Departmental Report 2004-05. Delivering justice, rights and democracy. DCA/HM Treasury.

Cm  6537.    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Forestry Commission Departmental Report 2005. DEFRA/HM Treasury.

Cm  6522.    Department for Education and Skills Departmenal Report 2005. DfES/HM Treasury.

Cm  6536.    Department of Trade and Industry Departmental Report 2005. DTI/HM Treasury.

Cm  6539.    Department for Work and Pensions Departmental Report 2005. DWP/HM Treasury.

Cm  6538.    Department for Culture, Media and Sport Annual Report 2005. DCMS/HM Treasury.

Cm  6586.    Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environment Matters. Treaty Series No. 24 (2005). FCO.

Cm  6525.    Food Standards Agency Departmental Report Spring 2005. Putting the Consumer First. Health/HM Treasury.

Cm  6540.    HM Treasury Departmental Report June 2005. HM Treasury.

Cm  6528.    Home Office Departmental Report 2004-05. Home Office/HM Treasury.

Cm  6592.    Government Reply to the Home Affairs Committee's 3rd Report: Home Office Target-Setting 2004 (HCP 320 04/05). Home Office.

Cm  6597.    Government Response to the Constitutional Affairs Select Committee's 5th Report: Legal Aid Asylum Appeals (HCP 276 04/05). DCA.

Cm  6546.    Northern Ireland Office 2005 Departmental Report. NIO/HM Treasury.

Cm  6526.    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Annual Report 2005. ODPM/HM Treasury.

Cm  6523.    Ofsted Departmental Report 2004-05. DfES/HM Treasury.

Cm  6585.    Patent Law Treaty (PLT). Miscellaneous No. 5 (2005). FCO.

Cm  6600.    Government Reply to the Home Affairs Committee's 4th Report: Police Reform (HCP 370 04/05). Home Office.

Cm  6587.    International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. 2002 Amendments (MSC. 123(75)). 2002 Amendments to the Protocol of 1998 (MSC. 124(75)). 2002 Amendments to the Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections during Surveys of Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (Resolution A.744(18), as amended) (MSC. 125(75)). 2002 Amendments (MSC. 134(76)). Treaty Series No. 25 (2005). FCO.

Cm  6544.    Scotland Office and Office of the Advocate General for Scotland Annual Report 2005. Scotland Office/HM Treasury.

Cm  6596.    Government Response to the Constitutional Affairs Select Committee's 7th Report: The operation of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) and the Use of Special Advocates (HCP 323 04/05). DCA.

Cm  6527.    Department for Transport Annual Report 2005. Transport/HM Treasury.

Cm  6577.    Treasury Minutes on the 7th to 9th Reports from the Committee of Public Accounts 2004-05. 7th Report: Foreign and Commonwealth: Visa entry to the United Kingdom: the entry clearance operation (HCP 312 04/05). 8th Report: Ministry of Defence: Battlefield Helicopters (HCP 386 04/05). 9th Report: The Drug Treatment and Testing Order: early lessons (HCP 403 04/05). HM Treasury.

Cm  6584.    Agreement between the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States of America for Co-operation in Research and Development of Weapons Detection and Protection-Related Technologies. Treaty Series No. 23 (2005). FCO.

Cm  6582.    Better Governance for Wales. White Paper. Wales Office.

Cm  6598.    Government Response to the Science and Technology Select Committee's 6th Report: The Work of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) (HCP 219 04/05). DTI.

House of Lords Papers

HLP  7-I.    European Union Committee. 2nd Report. The Future Financing of the Common Agricultural Policy. Volume I: Report. Chairman: Lord Renton of Mount Harry. Session 05/06.

HLP  7-II.    European Union Committee. 2nd Report. The Future Financing of the Common Agricultural Policy. Volume II: Evidence. Chairman: Lord Renton of Mount Harry. Session 05/06.

HLP  10.    Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform. 1st Report. Charities Bill. Equality Bill. Criminal Defence Service Bill. Road Safety Bill. Merchant Shipping (Pollution) Bill. Fishery Limits (United Kingdom) Bill. Fraud Bill. Borough Freedom (Family Succession) Bill. Chairman: Lord Dahrendorf. Session 05/06.

HLP  9.    Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 2nd Report. Drawing special attention to: Draft Dentists Act 1984 (Amendment) Order 2005. Education (Variation of Admission Arrangements) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2005. Explanatory information: Medicines (Advisory Bodies) Regulations 2005. Chairman: Lord Filkin. Session 05/06.

House of Lords Bills

HLB  10.    Children and Adoption Bill. As read a first time.

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