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House of Lords Sessional Papers

No. 5

Issued 21st June to 27th June 2005

Command Papers

Cm  6524.    Department of Health Departmental Report 2005. The Health and Social Services Programme. Health/HM Treasury.

Cm  6580.    European Community Finances. Statement on the 2005 EC Budget and measures to counter fraud and financial mismanagement. HM Treasury.

Cm  6605.    Government Response to the International Development Committee's 6th Report: Fair Trade? The European Union's Trade Agreements with African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries (HCP 68 04/05). DFID.

Cm  6542.    HM Revenue & Customs Spring Departmental Report 2005. Looking ahead with the new department. Paymaster General/HM Treasury.

Cm  6531.    The Law Officers' Departments Departmental Report 2005. Attorney General/HM Treasury.

Cm  6547.    National Savings & Investments Departmental Report 2005. HM Treasury.

Cm  6548.    Office for National Statistics Departmental Report 2005. HM Treasury.

Cm  6589.    Exchange of Notes between the Governments of the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia concerning Certain Commercial Debts (The United Kingdom/Federal Republic of Yuogoslavia Debt Agreement No. 1 (2001)). Treaty Series No. 26 (2005). FCO.

Cm  6601.    Agreement between the Governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland concerning Mutual Assistance in relation to Criminal Matters. Treaty Series No. 27 (2005). FCO + Correction Slip.

Cm  6604.    Agreement between the Governments of the United Kingdom and the French Republic concerning the carrying of Service Weapons by French Officers on the territory of the United Kingdom. Treaty Series No. 28 (2005). FCO.

House of Lords Papers

HLP  4.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. Minutes of Proceedings. Session 2004-05. Chairman: Jean Corston MP. Session 2005-06.

HLP  11.    Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 3rd Report. Drawing special attention to: School Governance (Contracts) (England) Regulations 2005 S.I. 2005/1508. Waste Management Licensing (England and Wales) (Amendment and Related Provisions) (No. 2) Regulations 2005 S.I. 2005/1528. Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Designated Area) Order 2005 S.I. 2005/1537. Explanatory Information: Draft Dentists Act 1984 (Amendment) Order 2005. Gender Recognition (Disclosure of Information) (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) (No. 2) Order 2005 S.I. 2005/916. Chairman: Lord Filkin. Session 2005-06.

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