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Session 2006 - 07
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House of Lords Sessional Papers

No. 2

Issued 2nd December to 29th December 2006

Command Papers

Cm  7004.    Autumn Performance Report 2006. Cabinet Office.

Cm  7005.    Government Response to the Communities and Local Government Committee's Report on Planning-gain Support. December 2006. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6982.    The Crown Prosecution Service Autumn Performance Report 2006.

Cm  6973.    Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA). Autumn Performance Report 2006.

Cm  6978.    Department for International Development (DFID) 2006 Autumn Performance Report. PSA and Efficiency Programme.

Cm  6992.    Department for Education and Skills. Autumn Performance Report 2006. Achievement against Public Service Agreement target. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6976.    Department for Transport. Autumn Performance Report 2006. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6975.    Department for Work and Pensions. Personal accounts: a new way to save + Regulatory Impact Assessment and Executive Summary. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6979.    Department for Work and Pensions. A new system of child maintenance: + Regulatory Impact Assessment and Summary. Session 2006-07. December 2006.

Cm  6985.    Department of Health Autumn Performance Report 2006.

Cm  6989.    Department of Health. Review of the Human Fertilisation and Embyrology Act. Proposals for revised legislation (including establishment of the Regulatory Authority for Tissues and Embryos). Session 2006-07.

Cm  6977.    Department of Transport. The Future of Air Transport Progress Report. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6990.    HM Treasury. Autumn Performance Report. Progress Report on HM Treasury Public Service Agreement Targets. December 2006.

Cm  6995.    Home Office Targets. Autumn Performance Report 2006. Home Office.

Cm  6996.    The Government reply to the twenty-sixth report from the Joint Committee on Human Rights. Session 2005-06 HL Paper 245, HC 1127. Human Trafficking. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6997.    Government Response to the Joint Committee on Conventions' Report of Session 2005-06: Conventions of the UK Parliament. Session 2006-07.

Cm  7002.    Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of Ireland. The Single Electricity Market (SEM) Arrangements.

Cm  6991.    Northern Ireland Office. Autumn Performance Report 2006. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6984.    Pre-Budget Report December 2006. Investing in Britain's potential: Building our long-term future. HM Treasury.

Cm  6987.    Regulatory Impact Assessments: 1st July to 31st December 2005. Cabinet Office. December 2006. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6988.    Regulatory Impact Assessments: 1st January to 30th June 2006. Cabinet Office. December 2006.

Cm  6974.    Social Security. The Social Security (Claims and Payments) Amendment (No. 2) Regulations 2006. Report by the Social Security Advisory Committee and the statement by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

Cm  6994.    The Future of the United Kingdom's Nuclear Deterrent. (Trident) Ministry of Defence. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Cm  6981.    Treasury Minutes on the Fifty-eighth, Fifty-ninth, Sixty-first and Sixty-second Reports from the Committee of Public Accounts 2005-06. 58th Report: Enhancing urban green space, 59th Report: improving poorly performing schools in England, 61st Report: Crown Prosecution Service: Effective use of Magistrates Court hearings and 62nd Report: The electronic monitoring of adult offenders. Session 2006-07.

Cm  6998.    Exchange of Notes between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo concerning the Transfer of Mr Luan Goci to the Jurisdiction of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Cm  6999.    Amendments to the Regulations under the Patent Co-operation Treaty PCT. Geneva 5th October 2005.

Cm  7001.    UK Trade and Investment. Autumn Performance Report 2006.


House of Lords Papers

HLP  19.    Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee. 3rd Report of Session 2006-07. Cluster Munitions (Prohibition) Bill [HL], Concessionary Bus Travel Bill [HL], Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill, Disabled persons (Independent Living) Bill [HL], Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill [HL], Further Education and Training Bill [HL], Investment Exchanges and Clearing Houses Bill and Legal Services Bill [HL]. Government Responses: Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Bill [HL] and Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Bill [HL].

HLP  272.    European Union Committee. 52nd Report. Rome Ill-Choice of Law in divorce. Report with Evidence. Session 2005-06.

HLP  15.    House of Lords Procedure Committee. 1st Report 2006-07. Notifications of deaths of members. Third Reading amendments. Chairman: Lord Brabazon of Tara.

HLP  237.    House of Lords. Annual Report 2005-06.

HLP  12.    Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. 3rd Report of Session 2006-07. Drawing special attention to: Export of Radioactive Sources (Control) Order 2006 (S.I. 2006/1846), Local Justice Areas (No. 2) Order 2006 (S.I. 2006/2315), Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006 (S.R. 2006/425). Chairman: David Maclean. Session 2006-07.

HLP  18.    Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. 4th Report. Drawing special attention to: Measuring Instruments (Gas Meters) Regulations 2006 (S.I. 2006/2647), Dangerous Substances and Preparations (Safety) Regulations 2006 (S.I. 2006/2916). Session 2006-07.

HLP  9.    Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. 2nd Report of Session 2006-07.

HLP  22.    Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 5th Report 2006-07. Drawing special attention to: Social Security (Claims and Payments) Amendments (No. 2) Regulations 2006, Housing (Assessment of Accommodation Needs) (Meaning of Gypsies and Travellers) (England) Regulations 2006 and Common Agricultural Policy Single Payment and Support Schemes (Cross-compliance) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2006.

HLP  11.    Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 3rd Report of Session 2006-07. Draft Accession (Immigration and Worker Authorisation) Regulations 2006. Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2006. Correspondence: Home Office.

HLP  16.    Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 4th Report of Session 2006-07.

HLP  7.    Science and Technology Committee. 1st Report. Ageing: Scientific Aspects Second Follow-up Report. Report with Evidence. Session 2006-07.

HLP  14.    Select Committee on Economic Affairs. 1st Report of Session 2006-07. The Current State of Monetary Policy. Report with Evidence.

HLP  13.    Select Committee on the Constitution. 1st Report of Session 2006-07. Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill. Report with Evidence. Session 2006-07.

House of Lords Bills

HLB  19.    Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill (carried over from 2005-06.) As read a first time.

HLB  21.    Energy Efficiency and Microgeneration Bill [HL]. As read a first time.

HLB  20.    Government Spending (Website) Bill [HL]. As read a first time.

HLB  22.    Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill [HL]. As amended in Committee.

HLB  23.    Victims of Overseas Terrorism Bill [HL]. As read a first time.

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