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House of Lords Sessional Papers

No. 7

Issued 24th February to 9th March 2007

Command Papers

Cm.  7044.    Agreement between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the Republic of Poland concerning the Mutual Protection of Classified Information. Poland No. 1 (2007). Warsaw, 18th August 2006.

Cm.  7016.    Armed Forces' Pay Review Body. 36th Report 2007. Chairman: Professor David Greenaway.

Cm.  7032.    Boundary Commission for England 5th Periodical Report. Session 2006-07.

Cm.  7019.    Treasury Minutes on the Fourth and the Sixth Reports from the Committee of Public Accounts 2006-07. 4th Report: Gas Distribution Networks: Ofgem's role in their sale, restructuring, and future regulation. 6th Report: Gaining and retaining a job: The Department for Work and Pensions support for disabled people into work. Session 2006-07.

Cm.  7053.    Treaty Series No. 4 (2007). Convention drawn up on the basis of Article K.3(2)(c) of the Treaty on European Union on the Fight against Corruption Involving Officials of the European Communities or Officials of Member States of the European Union. Brussels, 26th May 1997. Session 2006-07.

Cm.  7057.    White paper. Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Heritage Protection for the 21st Century. Session 2006-07.

Cm.  7056.    Low Pay Commission Report 2007. National Minimum Wage. Chairman: Paul Myners. Session 2006-07.

Cm.  7041.    Prison Service Pay Review Body. 6th Report on England and Wales 2007. Chairman: Jerry Cope.

Cm.  7042.    Prison Service Pay Review Body. 5th Report on Northern Ireland 2007. Chairman: Jerry Cope.

Cm.  7029.    Review Body for Nursing and Other Health Professions 2007. 22nd Report. Chairperson: Professor Gillian Morris.

Cm.  7025.    Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration. 36th Report 2007. Chairman: Michael Blair, QC.

Cm.  7030.    Review Body on Senior Salaries 2007. Report No. 63. Twenty-Ninth Report on Senior Salaries. Chairman: John Baker CBE.

Cm.  7009.    Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. The Urban Environment. Session 2006-07.

Cm.7048.    Agreement between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments, with Exchange of Notes. Serbia No. 1 (2007).

Cm.  7037.    Six-Monthly Report on Hong Kong. July-December 2006. FCO.

Cm.  7045.    Treaty Series No. 33 (2006). Third Supplementary List of Ratifications, Accessions, Withdrawals, Etc., for 2006. Session 2006-07.

Cm.  7046.    Treaty Series No. 1 (2007) Agreement Between the Governments of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic regarding Collaboration in Centrifuge Technology. Cardiff, 12th July 2005.

House of Lords Papers

HLP  61.    Delegated Powers & Regulatory Reform Committee. 6th Report. Alcohol Labelling [HL], Digital Switchover (Disclosure of Information) Bill, Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Bill, Leasehold Information Bill, Parliamentary Constituencies (Amendment) Bill, Planning-gain Supplement (Preparations) Bill, Government amendments: Mental Health Bill [HL], Government response: Welfare Reform Bill. Session 2006-07.

HLP  42.    European Union Committee. 7th Report. The Commission's 2007 Legislative and Work Programme. Report with Evidence. Chairman: Lord Grenfell. Session 2006-07.

HLP  48.    European Union Committee. 8th Report. Cross Borders Health Services in the European Union. Report with Evidence. Chairman: Baroness Thomas of Walliswood. Session 2006-07.

HLP  49.    European Union Committee. 9th Report 2006-07. Schengen Information System System II (SIS II). Report with Evidence. Chairman: Lord Wright of Richmond. Session 2006-07.

HLP  56.    European Union Committee. 10th Report. Evidence from the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany on the German Presidency. Report with Evidence. Session 2006-07.

HLP  58.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. 6th Report. Legislative Scrutiny: Sexual Orientation Regulations. Report, together with formal minutes. Chairman: Mr Andrew Dismore. Session 2006-07.

HLP  59.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. 7th Report. Deaths in Custody: Further Developments. Report, together with formal minutes and appendices. Session 2006-07.

HLP  60.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. 8th Report. Counter-Terrorism Policy and Human Rights: Draft Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (Continuance in force of sections 1 to 9) Order 2007. Report, together with formal minutes. Chairman: Mr Andrew Dismore. Session 2006-07.

HLP  55.    Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. 9th Report of Session 2006-07. Drawing special attention to: Draft Scottish Parliament (Elections etc.) Order 2007, Waste Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (S.I. 2006/3289), Police Pensions Regulations 2006 (S.I. 2006/3415), Firefighters' Pension Scheme (England) Order 2006 (S.I. 2006/3432). Chairman: David MacLean. Session 2006-07. Also HC 82-viii.

HLP  62.    Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. 10th Report Session 2006-07. Drawing special attention to: North Korea (United Nations Measures) (Overseas Territories) Order 2006 (S.I. 2006/3327), Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Prescribed Bodies) Regulations 2007 (S.I. 2007/60). Session 2006-07.

HLP  65.    Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 12th Report. Drawing special attention to: Draft Electricity (Single Wholesale Market) (Northern Ireland) Order 2007, Draft Integration Loans for Refugees and Others Regulations 2007, Draft Representation of the People (England and Wales) and the Representation of the People (Combination of Polls (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2007, Education (Induction Arrangements for School Teachers) (Consolidation) (Amendment) Regulations 2007 and Rates (Regional Rates) Order (Northern Ireland) 2007. Session 2006-07.

HLP  57.    Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 11th Report. Drawing special attention to: Draft Housing (Tenancy Deposit Schemes) Order 2007, Education (Prohibition from Teaching or Working with Children) (Amendment) Regulations 2007, Day Care and Child Minding (Disqualification) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2007. Session 2006-07.

Public Bills

HLB  46.    Greater London Authority Bill. As read a first time.

HLB  50.    Legal Services Bill [HL]. As amended in Committee.

HLB  47.    Offender Management Bill. As read a first time.

HLB  49.    Torture (Damages) Bill [HL].

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