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House of Lords Sessional Papers

No. 27

Issued 8th November 2008 to 14th November 2008

Command Papers

Cm  7491.    The Buncefield Investigation. The Government and Competent Authority's Response. Work and Pensions. November 2008.

Cm  7489.    Government Response to the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee Report on Community Cohesion and Migration.

Cm  7468.    Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Novel Materials in the Environment: The case of nanotechnology. 27th Report. Chairman: Sir John Lawton.

Cm  7496.    Treaty Series No. 14 (2008). Second Supplementary List of Ratifications, Accessions, Withdrawals, etc., for 2008. [In continuation of Treaty Series No. 9 (2008), Cm 7458.] FCO.

Cm  7498.    Vietnam No. 1 (2008). Treaty between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons. Hanoi, 12th September 2008. FCO.

House of Lords Papers

HLP  194.    House of Lords Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee. 15th Report. Bank of England (Amendment) Bill [HL]. Government amendments: Climate Change Bill [HL], Counter-Terrorism Bill, Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill [HL], Pensions Bill Planning Bill. Chairman: Lord Goodhart QC. Session 2007-08.

HLP  183.    House of Lords European Union Committee. 29th Report. EUROPOL: Coordinating the fight against serious and organised crime. Report with Evidence. Chairman: Lord Jopling. Session 2007-08.

HLP  192.    Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. 30th Report. Drawing special attention to: Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2008 (S.I. 2008/2076); Primary Ophthalmic Services and National Health Service (Optical Charges and Payments) Amendment Regulations 2008 (S.I. 2008/2449). Chairman: David Maclean MP. Session 2007-08.

HLP  193.    House of Lords Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 32nd Report. Chairman: Lord Filkin. Session 2007-08.

Public Bill

HLB  94.    Planning Bill. AS AMENDED ON REPORT.

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