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House of Lords Sessional Papers

No. 34

Issued 1st October to 14th October 2011

Command Papers

Cm  8188.    Memorandum to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee on the Post-Legislative Assessment of the Gambling Act 2005. Department for Culture, Media and Sport. October 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8207.    Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Football Governance: Response to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee Inquiry (HC792-1). October 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8168.    Government Response to the Intelligence and Security Committee's Annual Report 2010-11. October 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8176.    Government Response to the Justice Committee's Report: The Role of the Probation Service. Ministry of Justice. October 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8187.    The Government Response to the Tenth Report from the Home Affairs Committee Session 2010-12 HC789. Implications for the Justice and Home Affairs area of the accession of Turkey to the European Union. October 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8189.    Government Reponse to Justice Committee's Sixth Report of Session 2010-12: Operation of Family Courts. October 2011. Ministry of Justice. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8191.    Memorandum to Welsh Affairs Committee Post-Legislative Assessment of the Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Act 2006. Wales Office. October 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8195.    Memorandum to the Home Affairs Committee. Post-Legislative assessment of the Police and Justice Act 2006. Home Office. October 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8196.    Six-monthly Report on Hong Kong. 1 January-30 June 2011. FCO. October 2011. Session 2010/12.

House of Lords Papers

HLP  202.    House of Lords. Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee. 19th Report. Health and Social Care Bill. London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill. Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill. Chairman Baroness Thomas of Winchester. Session 2010/12.

HLP  199.    House of Lords Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 39th Report of Session 2010-12. Chairman: Lord Goodlad. Session 2010/12.

HLP  195.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. 18th Report of Session 2010-12. Legislative Scrutiny: Protection of Freedoms Bill. Chairman: Hywel Francis. Session 2010/12.

HLP  200.    Joint Committee on Human Rights. 19th Report of Session 2010-12. Proposal for the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Remedial) Order 2011. Report, together with formal minutes and written evidence. Chairman: Dr Hywel Francis. Session 2010/12.

Public Bills

HLB  98.    Education Bill. As Amended in Committee.

HLB  99.    Protection of Freedoms Bill. As Read a First Time.

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