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House of Lords Sessional Papers

No. 38

Issued 19th November to 9th December 2011

Command Papers

Cm  8231.    Autumn Budget November 2011. Main Document. Autumn Statement 2011. November 2011. HM Treasury. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8222.    Government Response to the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee's Tenth Report of Session 2010-2012: Pub Companies. November 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8208.    Committee on Standards in Public Life. 13th Report. Political party finance. Ending the big donor culture. Chair: Sir Christopher Kelly KCB. November 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8226.    Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The Government's response to Next Gen. Transforming the UK into the world's leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. November 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8234.    Draft Civil Aviation Bill: An Effective Regulatory Framework for UK Aviation. Volume 1: Policy Paper. Volume 2: Draft Civil Aviation Bill and Explanatory Notes. Volume 3: Impact Assessments. Volume 4: Summary of Responses to the Consultation Regulating Air Transport: Consultation on Proposals to Update the Regulatory Framework for Aviation. Department for Transport. November 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8218.    Autumn Budget November 2011. Economic and fiscal outlook. Office for Budget Responsibility. HM Treasury. November 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8205.    Health at Work_an independent review of sickness absence. Dame Carol Black and David Frost CBE. Department for Work and Pensions. November 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8229.    Government's Response to Professor Malcolm Harrington's Second Independent Review of the Work Capability Assessment. Department for Work and Pensions. November 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8239.    Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth. December 2011. Department for Business Innovation & Skills. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8204.    Post-legislative assessments of the Education and Inspections Act 2006, Childcare Act 2006 and Children and Adoption Act 2006 Memorandum to the Education Committee of the House of Commons. Department for Education. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8219.    Reclaiming health and safety for all: An independent review of health and safety legislation. Department for Work and Pensions. Professor Ragnar E Lofstedt. November 2011. Session 2010/12.

Cm  8230.    White Paper. Water for Life. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. HM Government. December 2011. Session 2010/12.

House of Lords Papers

HLP  04.    Code of Conduct for Members of the House of Lords and Guide to the Code of Conduct. Second Edition: November 2011. Session 2010/12.

HLP  225.    House of Lords. Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee. 21st Report. Legal Aid, Sentencing Punishment of Offenders Bill. Human Trafficking (Further Provisions and Support for Victims) Bill [HL]. Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill: Government response. Chairman Baroness Thomas of Winchester. Session 2010/12.

HLP  229.    House of Lords European Union Committee (Sub-Committee B) 24th Report. Tunnel Vision? Completing the European rail market. Chairman Baroness O'Cathain. Session 2010/12.

HLP  228.    House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs. 5th Report of Session 2010-12. Final report of the Independent Commission on Banking. Report with Evidence. Chairman Lord MacGregor of Pulman Market. Session 2010/12.

HLP  230.    House of Lords. Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. 34th Report. Drawing special attention to: Belarus (Restrictive Measures) (Overseas Territories) Order 2011 (S.I. 2011/2440). Chairman Mr George Mudie MP. Session 2010/12.

HLP  223.    House of Lords. Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 43rd Report. Marriage and Civil Partnerships (Approved Premises) (Amendment) Regulations 2011. Plus information paragraphs on 4 other instruments. Chairman The Rt Hon. Lord Goodlad. Session 2010/12.

HLP  227.    House of Lords. Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 44th Report of Session 2010-12. Draft Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations (Amendment) Order 2011. Chairman Lord Goodlad. Session 2010/12.

HLP  232.    House of Lords. Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee. 45th Report. Includes Information Paragraphs on 4 Instruments. Chairman Rt Hon. Lord Goodlad. Session 2010/12.

HLP  226.    House of Lords. Procedure Committee. 9th Report. Debates on motions in Grand Committee. Chairman Lord Brabazon of Tara. Session 2010/12. Debated in the HOL 28/11/11.

HLP  231.    House of Lords. Procedure Committee. 10th Report. Questions for Short Debate Standing Order 37. Chairman Lord Brabazon of Tara. Session 2010/12.

HLP  221.    House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology. 3rd Report. Nuclear Research and Development Capabilities. Chairman Lord Krebs. Session 2010/12.

HLP  219.    House of Lords Special Public Bill Committee. Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Bill [HL]. Chairman Lord Lloyd of Berwick. Session 2010/12.

Public Bills

HLB  116.    Airports (Amendment) Bill [HL]. AS READ A FIRST TIME.

HLB  115.    Caravan Sites Bill [HL]. AS READ A FIRST TIME.

HLB  113.    Public Services (Social Value) Bill. Formerly called the Public Services (Social Enterprise and Social Value) Bill. AS READ A FIRST TIME.

HLB  117.    Subterranean Development Bill [HL]. AS READ A FIRST TIME.

HLB  114.    Welfare Reform Bill. AS AMENDED IN COMMITTEE.

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