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Lord Hylton asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Blatch: The information requested on applications for asylum and decisions made is given in Table A. Information on asylum appeals determined by the special adjudicators and Immigration Appeals Tribunal since 26 July 1993 is given in Table B; information on asylum appeals prior to 26 July 1993 is not available.

Table A: Applications received for asylum in the United Kingdom, excluding dependants, and decisions, 1989 to June 1994 Number of principal applicants

Applications received(1)(2) Applications pending at end of period
Decisions(1)(2)(3) Total decisions Recognised as a refugee and granted asylum(4) Not recognised as a refugee but granted exceptional leave Refusals Total refused Refused asylum and exceptional leave after full consideration Refused on safe third country grounds Refused under para. 180F of Immigration Rules(5)
1 January-30 June 1994(6) 14,730 9,360 385 1,680 7,300 5,870 480 950 50,040

(1) Figures rounded to the nearest 5.

(2) Figures exclude information on applications made overseas.

(3) Decisions do not necessarily relate to applications made in the same period.

(4) Excluding South East Asian refugees.

(5) For failure to provide evidence to support the asylum claim within a reasonable period, including failure to respond to invitation to interview to establish identity.

(6) Provisional figures.

Table B: Number of asylum appeals determined and allowed by adjudicators and the tribunal

Appeals to the adjudicator Applications to tribunal Appeals to the tribunal allowed(1)(2)
Total determined(1) of which: allowed(1) Total determined(1)(2) of which:
August-December 1993 420 25 175 20 5
January-June 1994 1,080 40 730 90 5

not available.

(1) Provisional figures rounded to the nearest 5.

(2) Includes appeals lodged by the Secretary of State for the Home Department.

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