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13 Jun 1995 : Column WA105

Written Answers

Tuesday, 13th June 1995.

EU Council: Forthcoming Business

Lord Cochrane of Cults asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will report on the recent and forthcoming business in the Council of the European Union.

The Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Baroness Chalker of Wallasey):

June 1 Development Council
Energy Council
June 6 Internal Market Council
June 9 Research Council
June 12 FAC
June 13 FAC
June 15 Fisheries Council
June 17 FAC
June 19 Transport Council
June 20 Transport Council
Justice and Home Affairs Council
June 21 Justice and Home Affairs Council
Culture/Audiovisual Council
June 22 Environment Council
June 23 Environment Council
June 26 Agriculture Council
June 27 Agriculture Council
June 29 Social Affairs Council

The following subjects were discussed:

June 1: Development Council

Adoption of the agenda.

Approval of the list of "A" items.

Follow-up to the statement of 18 November 1992 on co-operation and development up to 2000.

    (a) Complementarity between the development policies and actions of the Union and its member states.

    (b) Consistency between the various Community policies.

    (c) Operational co-ordination.

    Structural adjustment

    Draft resolution.

    Regional integration

    Draft statement.

    Research in developing countries

    Draft statement.


    Development co-operation with South Africa

    Draft conclusion.

    Basic rules on humanitarian aid.

    Progress of discussions on:

    Actions on rehabilitation assistance

    Migration and development

13 Jun 1995 : Column WA106


    Other business

June 1: Energy Council

    Internal market in electricity: Council conclusions.

    Trans-European energy networks: possible common positions on guidelines and supporting measures.

    Energy policy Green Paper: Council Resolution.

    Thermie II: possible decision.

    Energy efficiency of fridges and freezers: progress report.

    Under "Any Other Business": Energy Charter: progress report; and energy dimension to the Euro-Mediterranean Conference: exchange of views/possible Council Conclusions.

June 6: Internal Market Council

    White Paper on extending Single Market to the CEEs: discussion amongst the 15 on White Paper, followed by session (and lunch) with CEE and Baltic Ministers.

    Operation of the Single Market (routine presentation and discussion of implementation figures and annual report on Single Market, plus announcement of Commission plans for "Citizens' Guide to Single Market").

    Deregulation: progress report on monitor group.

    Uniform application and effectiveness of Single Market rules and national penalties for violations of them: Council Resolution.

    Draft decision on notification of national decisions derogating from free movement of goods (which sets up a procedure to identify cases where mutual recognition does not occur)—common position.

    Customs 2000: orientation debate on draft decision establishing a programme of practical measures to ensure customs rules work effectively.

    Legal Protection of Database Directive: common position.

    Community Designs Regulation: progress report.

    European Co-operative Society: progress report on draft Directive and Regulation establishing common rules for European co-ops.

    Bankruptcy Convention: political agreement.

    Novel foodstuffs: common position on directive introducing EC rules for genetically modified foodstuffs.

June 9: Research Council

    Co-ordination of research policies.

    Adaptation of Framework Programme: Decisions following Enlargement.

    International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

    Prospects for Scientific and Technical Co-operation with the new Independent States of the Former Soviet Union.

    Preparation of joint meeting with Associated Countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

    International agronomy research.

13 Jun 1995 : Column WA107

    Training and mobility of researchers.

    Research/Industry Task Forces.

The following subjects are likely to be discussed:

June 12/13; Foreign Affairs Council

Draft agenda:

    Preparation of the Cannes European Council.

    Racism and xenophobia: global strategy of the Union.

    Relations with the CEEs

Implementation of the pro-accession strategy White Paper

    Relations with the Baltic States
Decision on signature of the Association Agreement (possible A point)

    Lomé mid-term review: EDF VIII

    Mediterranean policy
Adoption of report on preparation of the Euro-Med Conference (possible) Tunisia: decision on signature of new agreement (possible) Israel: conclusion of negotiations on new agreement State of negotiations with Morocco and Egypt (possible) Lebanon: adoption of negotiating directives

Adoption of draft common position on EC/Turkey customs union Decision to seek consent of European Parliament

    Relations with Cyprus
Adoption of Union position at EC/Cyprus Association Council Decision on signature of fourth financial protocol

    Relations with Malta
Adoption of Union position at EC/Malta Association Council Decision on signature of fourth financial protocol

    Relations with Russia.

    Relations with Ukraine.

    Relations with certain republics of the former Soviet Union.

    Former Yugoslavia.

    Commercial questions.

    Free trade areas

    (possible) WTO code of conduct

    Negotiations in the WTO framework.

    Preparation of Halifax G7 summit and meetings with US and Japan.

    South Africa.

    Negotiating directives for a trade and co-operation agreement and protocol to the Lomé Convention.

    GSP agriculture.

    (possible) Relations with Mercosur.

13 Jun 1995 : Column WA108

    Adoption of negotiating directives for an inter-regional framework co-operation agreement.

    Relations with Chile

    Commission strategy paper on strengthening EU/Chile relations.

    Vietnam (possible)

    Conclusion of negotiations on a co-operation agreement.

    Euratom/US nuclear energy agreement (possible)

In the margins:

    Association Council with Cyprus

    Associated Council with Malta

June 13: Telecoms Council

    Council Resolution on Infrastructure Green Paper (Part 2)

    Council Resolution on Mobile Telephony

    Council Resolution on Postal Services

    ONP Voice Telephony Directive: common position

    Council Conclusions on Article 90 Cable Network Directive

June 15: Fisheries Council

    Western waters effort regulation


    Socio-economic measures (possible)

    Amendment to technical conservation measures

    UN Conference on straddling stocks (possible)

June 19: ECOFIN

    Preparation for European Council (Cannes—26/27 June)

    Broad economic guidelines (recommendation for 1995/96 and consideration of implementation 1994/95).

    Essen follow-up (likely to include employment policy).

    Decisions on excessive deficits

    Regulation on protection of the Community's financial interests

    Examination of member states' reports on measures to combat fraud and waste

    Green paper on transition to a single currency (discussion)

    Macro-financial assistance to third countries.

    Biofuels: draft directive on excise duty relief for biofuels


reduced rate for cut flowers approximation of rates (Commission report)

    Statistical questions:
European System of National and Regional Accounts Harmonising consumer price indices.

    Cross-border payments: agreement on common position

    EIB lending to South Africa (possible A point)

    TENS financing (possible)

    CO2 /energy tax: orientation debate (possible)

13 Jun 1995 : Column WA109

    European Investment Bank: a meeting of EIB Board of Governors will be held on the same day.

June 19/20: Transport Council


    Maritime statistics directive-adoption

    Ro-Ro ferry safety—Regulation on early implementation of International Safety Management Code (ISM)—Common position

    (possible) Resolution on shipping external relations.


    EC/US relations.

    Airport ground handling—orientation debate

    Mutual recognition for aviation components—Council Conclusions

Land, etc:

    Trans-European Networks—consideration of EP Opinion

    High speed rail interoperability—common position

    Tachographs—orientation debate

    Harmonisation of road signs—resolution


    Railway licensing and access directives—adoption of common position in light of EP opinion

    (possible) Transport research—resolution

June 20/21: Justice and Home Affairs Council

    Europol Convention

    Fraud against the Community Budget

    Common Visa List

    Brussels (2) Convention

    Title VI Finance

June 21: Culture/Audiovisual Council

    Revision of Broadcasting Directive: orientation debate

    Media II: orientation debate

    New financial instrument for the Audiovisual Sector

June 22/23: Environment Council

    Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)

    Air Quality Framework Directive

    Wildlife Trade (CITES) Regulation

    Major Accident Hazards (Seveso II) Directive

    Climate change

    Ecological Quality of Water Directive

    Biocides Directive

    LIFE programme (Financial Instrument on the environment)

    Waste Shipments Regulation

    Negotiating Mandate on the Basle Convention

    Nuclear safety in Central and Eastern Europe

    Priority waste streams: end-of-life vehicles

    JEPs (Joint Environment Programmes)

13 Jun 1995 : Column WA110

June 26/27: Agriculture Council

    Price fixing.


    Italian, Spanish and Greek milk quota

    Reform of the wine sector (possible)

    Agrimony (possible)

    Reform of the rice regime (possible)

    Animal welfare

    Trade in bovines (amending 64/432).

    Feedingstuffs (possible)

    Hormones (possible)

June 29: Labour and Social Affairs

    Essen follow-up on employment

    Draft Directive on Posted Workers

    Draft Directive on Use of Work Equipment

    Draft Decision on Programme to Combat Social Exclusion

    Draft Decision on Action to support Older People

    Draft amendments to Regulation 1408/71 (Social Security)

    Resolution on Older Workers

    Conclusions on the Quality of Vocational Training

    Presidency Report on amendments to Acquired Rights Directive.

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