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The Countess of Mar asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Lucas: The full listing of constituents is:

    Ortho-phenyl phenol.


    Isopropyl alcohol.

    Arylan SBC25.

    Perlankrol ESD 60.

    Water Blue Dye.


6 Nov 1995 : Column WA189

Organophosphates and Phenols (Combination)

The Countess of Mar asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What are the known effects of combining phenols with organophosphates, and whether these effects were considered when sheep dips containing these chemicals were approved for use in the scheme for the eradication of sheep scab.

Lord Lucas: The direct chemical reaction of mixing the two chemicals was considered as part of the approval process. There was no reaction and no change in the composition of the dip. The known metabolism of each chemical in mammals is quite different and no effect is likely to arise within the body.

Sheepmeat: Possible Phenol Residues

The Countess of Mar asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they have ever conducted tests to discover whether phenol residues are present in sheepmeat following dipping, and if so what were the results.

Lord Lucas: No tests have been conducted by MAFF and its agencies to establish whether or not phenol residues are present in sheepmeat following dipping. Ingested phenols are rapidly metabolised by mammals and cannot be detected in mammalian cells. Small amounts arise naturally from normal cell metabolism. In addition, these substances are not used in any formulations of organophosphorus products currently authorised. For these reasons, phenols are not included within the surveillance programmes for veterinary medicines carried out by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to monitor whether veterinary residues are passing into meat in unacceptable concentrations. In the last six years over 900 samples have been taken from sheep, and tested for the

6 Nov 1995 : Column WA190

presence of organophosphorous compounds including propetamphos, diazinon, chlorpyriphos, bromophos, carbophenothion and mevinphos. All the samples were negative.

Criminal Prosecutions: 50-year Time Lapse

Earl Russell asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they are aware of any successful criminal prosecutions for crimes committed more than 50 years before the commencement of proceedings, and if so, how many.

The Lord Chancellor (Lord Mackay of Clashfern): Such prosecutions have only taken place in modern times in relation to war crimes. The precise time lapse is not readily available but war crimes from the Second World War are understood to have been prosecuted to conviction in Germany and France.

Secure Training Centres: Regulation

Lord Northbourne asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether the proposed secure training centres will conform to the requirements of the Children Act 1989 and the Volume 4 guidance and regulations.

The Minister of State, Home Office (Baroness Blatch): Secure training centres will be regulated by Secure training centre rules as provided for in Section 6 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, and contract terms. Secure training centre rules will be made by statutory instrument shortly before the first centres open, and it is intended that they will take account of the principles on which the Children Act 1989 is based. Volume 4 of the Children Act 1989 guidance and regulations produced by the Department of Health for children's homes will not apply to secure training centres. However, it is a source document for the development of the rules.

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