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Lord Kennet asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Chesham: No. This appointment is within the British Civil Service. The United States counterparts of GCHQ have been informed of the appointment.

19 Dec 1995 : Column WA139

National Park Authorities: Members

Lord Brougham and Vaux asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What arrangements have been made for appointing the Secretary of State for the Environment's members to the new national park authorities provided for by the Environment Act 1995.

The Minister of State, Department of the Environment (Earl Ferrers): The new independent national park authorities, whose creation was provided for by the Environment Act 1995, are intended to be established in England on 1 October 1996, and to take over their full powers and responsibilities on 1 April 1997. During the passage of the Environment Act through Parliament, the importance of the role for the Secretary of State's appointed members in bringing the wider national viewpoint to the deliberations of the national parks was emphasised. I have today written to all MPs who have a constituency interest in national parks, inviting nominations for Secretary of State members of the new authorities. My officials will also seek nominations from a wide range of organisations. Candidates are sought from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. All those with an interest in the parks are encouraged to put forward names for consideration. Local publicity will be arranged in the individual national parks. Nominations are required by 29 February 1996.

In making these appointments to the new authorities, we will wish to bear in mind the desirability of maintaining some continuity of membership as well as of introducing some new members. We will select individuals for their personal qualities and experience, and not as representatives for specific groups or organisations. While we expect them to have regard to the interests of all those who are concerned with a specific park, our primary concern is that those members should bring the wider national viewpoint to the authorities' discussions.

The Secretary of State will continue to be advised on his appointments by the Countryside Commission, which provides an independent input in to the selection process, and whose advice has always been valuable.

Valuation Tribunals: Response to Consultation Paper

Lord Reay asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What response was received to the consultation paper on the appointment and jurisdiction of valuation tribunals in the light of local government reorganisation in parts of England.

Earl Ferrers: The list of responses received has been placed in the Library of the House; copies of individual responses may be obtained through the Library. Regulations will be introduced shortly to give effect to the following measures.

19 Dec 1995 : Column WA140

(i) The Avon Valuation Tribunal is to be renamed the Severnside Valuation Tribunal, and its members appointed by the four successor authorities in that area. Its complement will be increased to 40 members, with these shadow authorities entitled to appoint one member each immediately. As vacancies arise, they are to be replaced by appointments by the authorities in the following order in rotation: North West Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset.

(ii) The Cleveland Valuation Tribunal is to be renamed the Teesside Valuation Tribunal, and its members appointed by the four successor authorities in that area. Its complement will be increased by one, which may be appointed by the shadow Hartlepool UA immediately. As vacancies arise, they are to be replaced by appointments by the authorities in the following order in rotation: Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland, Stockton-on-Tees and Hartlepool.

(iii) The areas of Selby District Council and the City of York Unitary Authority will be transferred from the area of jurisdiction of the North Yorkshire Valuation Tribunal into that of the East Yorkshire Valuation Tribunal. The complement of the North Yorkshire tribunal will remain the same.

(iv) The Humberside Valuation Tribunal is to be renamed the East Yorkshire Valuation Tribunal, and its area of jurisdiction will cover the unitary authorities of East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston-upon-Hull and York, and the district of Selby. Its members are to be appointed by the unitary authorities and the North Yorkshire County Council (in the ratio of 3:2:1:1). Its complement will be increased to 49, with York and North Yorkshire councils entitled to appoint one member each immediately. As vacancies arise, they are to be replaced by appointments by the authorities in the following order: 12 by York and North Yorkshire councils alternatively, and the remainder by East Riding, and Hull councils in the ratio 3:2.

(v) The area of jurisdiction of the Lincolnshire Valuation Tribunal is to be extended to include the area south of the Humber which previously formed part of the area of the Humberside tribunal. Its complement will be increased to 90, with North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire entitled to appoint 14 members each immediately. The first vacancy to arise will be replaced by these authorities, and the remainder by Lincolnshire County Council.

HMIP: Report

Lord Brougham and Vaux asked asked Her Majesty's Government:

    When they will publish the final report of the advisory committee on Her Majesty's Inspectorate of

19 Dec 1995 : Column WA141

    Pollution, which they appointed to examine ways of helping HMIP to improve the effectiveness of its operation.

Earl Ferrers:: I am today placing a copy of the committee's final report in the Library of the House, together with responses by the inspectorate and the Environment Agency. I am grateful to the committee for producing a final report which will assist in preparing for the Inspectorate's entry into the agency. The report provides a valuable independent assessment of the inspectorate's strengths, and it provides a set of recommendations to guide the further development of the effectiveness and efficiency of pollution regulation in the future. I am pleased that the inspectorate and the agency have responded constructively to the committee's recommendations and are taking the necessary action to implement them.

Cable Franchises

The Earl of Bradford asked Her Majesty's Government:

19 Dec 1995 : Column WA142

    What are the figures for the number of cable franchises in Britain, broken down by country, region and population density; which have been awarded; been awarded and subsequently revoked; and which have been advertised but not yet awarded; and

    What are the figures for the total number of households and the percentage of households, for each franchise area, that are currently receiving cable television in Britain.

The Minister of State, Department of Trade and Industry (Lord Fraser of Carmyllie): For each country within the UK the table shows the following information.

(i) The cable franchise areas within the country.

(ii) The number of homes within each franchise area.

(iii) The penetration rate for each franchise area (i.e. the percentage of subscribers where services are available).

(iv) Any particular details about a franchise area (i.e. build yet to start, LDO franchise advertised, franchise revoked etc.).

Information about population density in franchise areas is not readily available.

Cable Franchises Awarded in England

Franchise areaNumber of HomesPenComments
Ashford and Dover116,299--Build yet to start
Aylesbury/Amersham60,638--Build yet to start
Barnsley91,000--Penetration details not available
Bassetlaw32,800--Build yet to start
Bedford95,000--Penetration details not available
Blackpool/Fylde103,694--Build yet to start
Bradford184,00025.0%Original franchise revoked and reissued
Burton upon Trent77,675--Build yet to start. Original franchise revoked.
Bury Rochdale155,00019.6%--
Bury St. Edmunds/Stowmarket/Braintree104,778--Build yet to start
Carlisle41,000--LDO franchise advertised--to be awarded. Original franchise handed back.
Chester/Ellesmere Port86,000--Penetration details not available
Chicester/Bognor33,000--LDO franchise advertised-to be awarded
City of Westminster120,00016.5%Penetration details not available
Corby/Kettering90,000--Penetration details not available
Crawley, Horley/Gatwick14,00010.5%Original franchise revoked and reissued
Croydon135,00023.7%Original franchise revoked and reissued
Darlington34,000--Build yet to start
Dartford/Swanley45,000--Penetration details not available
Doncaster/Rotherham202,000--Penetration details not available
Dorchester/Weymouth/Portland37,500--Franchise revoked
Eastbourne/Hastings150,000--LDO franchise advertised--to be awarded
Epping Forest District45,335-- Penetration details not available
Exeter/Plymouth/Torbay/Totnes202,000--Penetration details not available
Grantham30,000--Penetration details not available
Gravesend/Rochester187,773--Build yet to start
Great Yarmouth/Lowerstoft/Caister56,511--Build yet to start
Greater London East228,61024.1%--
Grimsby63,000--Penetration details not available
Guildford/Woking/Camberley/Fleet136,00021.2%Original franchise revoked
Hackney/Islington160,670--Penetration details not available
Halifax/Brighouse79,000--Penetration details not available
Harlow/Bishops Stortford/Stansted53,00031.3%--
Haywards Heath33,000--LDO franchise advertised--to be awarded. Original franchise revoked
Hemel Hempstead/St. Albans95,00018.1%--
Hertford/Ware/Cheshunt/Hoddesdon57,000--Penetration details not available
Hickley31,204--Build yet to start. Original franchise revoked
Hounslow81,873--Combined with Hillingdon as Middlesex franchise
Huddersfield/Dewsbury/Batley138,000--Penetration details not available
Ipswich/Colchester/Harwich126,474--Penetration details not available
Lichfield39,290--Build yet to start
Lincoln43,000--Penetration details not available
Lines/S. Humber174,000--LDO franchise advertised-to be awarded
Liverpool North137,00022.1%--
Liverpool South132,00020.9%--
Loughborough30,000--Build yet to start
Luton/Dunstable/Leighton Buzzard97,00024.9%--
Macclesfield/Wilmslow55,000--Penetration details not available
Margate----Franchise revoked
Melton Mowbray18,000--Penetration details not available
Middlesborough/Teesside195,000--Penetration details not available
Newark35,000--Penetration details not available
North East Surrey101,000--Figures combined with North Surrey
North Surrey86,00019.1%--
Nuneaton/Bedworth43,000--Build yet to start
Oxford/Abingdon159,895--Build yet to start
Ravenshead2,500--Build yet to start
Rugby24,000--Build yet to start
Salisbury70,453--Combined with Andover for statistical purposes
Shrewsbury85,000--LDO franchise advertised-to be awarded
South Hertfordshire93,64423.4%--
Southport90,000--LDO franchise advertised-to be awarded
St. Helens/Knowsley130,00021.9%--
Stafford/Stone37,271--Build yet to start
Stevenage/Hitchin/Welwyn/Letchworth102,000--Penetration details not available
Stockport125,00017.9%Penetration details not available
Stoke on Trent175,000--Build yet to start
Swindon66,00034.7%Original franchise revoked and reissued.
Tamworth43,315--Build yet to start. Original franchise revoked.
Telford56,93921.6 %--
Thames Valley184,00018.5%--
Thamesmead8,962--Penetration details not available
The Wirral131,000--Build yet to start
Tonbridge/Sevenoaks/Tunbridge Wells90,600--Build yet to start
Totton & Hythe25,000--Build yet to start
Tower Hamlets/Newham141,76716.2%--
Wakefield99,000--Penetration details not available
Waltham Forest86,37524.1%--
Warrington/Runcorn115,000--Penetration details not available
Warwick/Stratford/Kenilworth50,000--Build yet to start
Wearside206,000--Build yet to start
Winchester18,982--Build yet to start
Wisbech/March/Wittlesey29,618--Build yet to start
Worcester/Redditch75,000--Build yet to start
Wythall4,000--Build yet to start
York and Harrogate98,212--Build yet to start

19 Dec 1995 : Column WA145

Cable Franchises Awarded in Scotland

Franchise AreaNumber of homesPenComments
Bearsden/Milngavie14,000--Penetration figures not available
Cumbernauld55,413--Build yet to start
Dumbarton20,258--Build yet to start
Dundee/Broughty Ferry/Monifieth79,12314.6%--
Falkirk and West Lothian101,284--Penetration figure not available
Glasgow Central128,00012.5%--
Greater Glasgow254,000--Figures combined with Glasgow Central
Inverclyde30,000--Penetration figure not available
Motherwell/Hamilton/East Kilbride115,92920.3%--
Paisley/Renfrew73,000--Figures combined with Glasgow Central
Perth/Scone19,049--Build yet to start

19 Dec 1995 : Column WA145

Cable Franchises Awarded in Wales

Franchise AreaNumber of HomesPenComments
Cardiff/Penarth103,00032.4%Franchise revoked and reissued
Glamorgan/Gwent330,000--Build yet to start
Newport/Cwmbran/Pontypool85,000--Penetration figure not available
Swansea/Port Talbot/Neath122,00021.2%--

19 Dec 1995 : Column WA145

Cable Franchises Awarded in Northern Ireland

Franchise areaNumber of homesPenComments
Belfast----Franchise revoked
Northern Ireland428,000--Build yet to start

19 Dec 1995 : Column WA145

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