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East London Line

Lord Harris of Greenwich asked Her Majesty's Government:

Viscount Goschen: London Underground Limited submitted a revised application to the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC), for listed building consent to begin work on the Thames Tunnel, on 28 October 1995. On 10 January 1996, following the Secretary of State for the Environment's decision not to intervene in the case, LDDC gave conditional consent for the Tunnel works. On 19 and 20 March 1996, LDDC gave approval for the works to go ahead, subject to LUL's compliance with a further set of conditions.

Search and Rescue Helicopter, Portland

Lord Harding of Petherton asked Her Majesty's Government:

Viscount Goschen: This temporary arrangement for the provision of a coastguard search and rescue (SAR) helicopter at Portland will be extended for a further eight months, until the end of November. Longer-term decisions on the disposition of SAR helicopters will depend in part on the consultation on the interdepartmental review. We hope to publish the review's findings shortly.

Hannah Research and Moredun Research Institutes: Review

Lord Rankeillour asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Scottish Office (The Earl of Lindsay): The Government's response to the report of the multidepartmental efficiency scrutiny of public sector research establishments announced a series of prior option reviews. As part of this series the Scottish Office

28 Mar 1996 : Column WA154

Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department will conduct prior options reviews of the Hannah Research Institute and the Moredun Research Institute. The reviews will address the actual and potential relationship of the establishment to any others in similar or related fields, and will consider the potential for privatisation or rationalisation. I would welcome comments from interested parties. They should be sent by 30 April to:

    Mrs. B. McGee

    The Scottish Office Agriculture,

    Environment and Fisheries Department

    Pentland House

    47 Robb's Loan


    EH14 1TY

Common Fisheries Policy and the IGC

Lord Kennet asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they intend to limit the discussions on the common fisheries policy at the forthcoming Intergovernmental Conference to the subject of "quota hopping" or whether they will also seek to ensure that the following topics are discussed: the sustainability over time of the various fish stocks and the food chains of which they form part; the social and economic conditions of fishing communities; and the proper formulation and enforcement of regulations including those governing the extent of fishing permitted and the management of by-catches.

Lord Lucas: The existing regulations concerning the common fisheries policy address the issues of the sustainability of fish stocks, the environmental impact of fishing, the socio-economic circumstances of fishing communities and enforcement of the various quota and conservation regulations. Improvements to the arrangements can generally be addressed by appropriate changes to these regulations. Where treaty changes are needed, the Intergovernmental Conference will be the appropriate forum.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones: Grant Scheme

Baroness Gardner of Parkes asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What assistance they will provide to farmers in nitrate vulnerable zones who are to face restrictions on the spreading of manures.

Lord Lucas: I am very pleased to announce a new grant scheme which will be open to farmers in England and Wales who have land in a nitrate vulnerable zone. The scheme will help those farmers who need to improve their farm waste facilities as a result of limits to be set on the spreading of livestock manures in the zones. The necessary statutory instrument has been laid before Parliament and will be debated in both Houses of Parliament.

28 Mar 1996 : Column WA155

The scheme, which offers a 25 per cent. rate of grant on eligible waste storage and handling facilities, will come into force on 17 April. For the first time, grant will be available on facilities for the separation of clean and dirty water, other than roofing, where this will reduce the need for storage. In addition, farmers will be able to call on ADAS for free advice to help them decide on the waste facilities needed to comply with the NVZ measures.

South West Objective 5(b) Area: Projects

Baroness Gardner of Parkes asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will provide details of the agricultural projects which have been approved in the South West Objective 5(b) Area.

Lord Lucas: The European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) provides assistance to agriculture and food industries in the South West Objective 5(b) Area. This area takes in Cornwall, the

28 Mar 1996 : Column WA156

Isles of Scilly, parts of Devon and parts of West Somerset.

Under the programme MAFF is able to provide support which in turn draws in EAGGF from Europe. Assistance is generally available in support of farm tourism, agricultural and horticultural development and diversification, protection and enhancement of the environment and the generation of energy from alternative sources by the agriculture industry. In addition there is a special package for the Isles of Scilly.

The first EAGGF projects under this programme were approved in March 1995. In the 12 months which have followed since then, a total of 25 projects have been approved and these will lead to the eventual investment of more than £13 million in the objective 5(b) Area. The projects approved vary from small schemes, such as that to develop a market for farm cheese, to a multi-million pound project to promote farm tourism in the whole area. Geographically they span the objective 5(b) area from horticultural enterprises in the Isles of Scilly to timber products on Exmoor and there is no part of the region which will not benefit. I am very pleased with the interest shown and hope that many more projects will be approved in the future.

Full details of the approved projects are as follows:

EAGGF projects processed in the south west objective 5B area

Project Title5(b) Areas to BenefitExpenditureEAGGF GrantMAFF Grant
1. Island Produce--Establishment of a Potato GroupIsles of Scilly38,0009,5009,500
2. Isles of Scilly Horticultural Development InitiativeIsles of Scilly202,90063,4505,845
3. Horticulture 2000 (including horticultural facilitator)5(b) Area as a whole
Phase I540,000200,000100,000
Phase II1,196,000371,000251,000
4. Festival of West County Food and Drink5(b) Area as a whole34,7008,700500
5. Inchs Cider Apple Orchard GroupDevon927,000231,750231,750
6. Cheese Farm Market DevelopmentCornwall6,0001,5001,500
7. Plant Biomass--Phase 15(b) Area as a whole972,100284,330254,900
8. Quality Cheese ProductionDevon & Cornwall593,000130,000130,000
9. Plant Production and Sales CentreCornwall108,40021,68021,680
10. Exmoor Oak and Timber ProductsDevon & West Somerset722,500145,178145,178
11. SW Pig Production Development5(b) Area as a whole12,0003,0003,000
12. 5b Facilitator--Mr. G. N. Parker (Bio-mass, Industrial Crops, Diversification and Speciality Foods)5(b) Area as a whole135,02267,51167,511
13. 5b Facilitator--Mr. N. J. Wendover (Livestock, Cereals and The Environment)5(b) Area as a whole153,91676,95876,958
14. 5b Facilitator--Mr. & Mr. J. M. Woodcraft (Farm Tourism)5(b) Area as a whole82,53041,26541,265
15. Wheal Sara FlowersCornwall43,2007,5607,560
16. Western Quality Pigs5(b) Area as a whole750,000183,000173,000
17. West Cornwall Vegetable PackingCornwall240,00045,36745,367
18. Kingsbridge Estuary Conservation ProjectDevon60,00025,2502,750
19. West Country Tourist Board Farm Tourism Project5(b) Area as a whole3,854,500819,081819,081
20. River Tamar 2000 Conservation Project--Phase IDevon & Cornwall989,200304,650224,650
21. Brimpts Barn--Re-use of farm buildings for training purposesDevon176,60029,77529,775
22. Improvement/Development of Winter CauliflowersCornwall234,30274,81374,814
23. North Cornwall Poultry Group--Feasibility StudyDevon & Cornwall9,3462,3362,337
24. Bodmin Moor CommonersCornwall25,28211,01610,016
25. Ostrich Farms International5(b) Area as a whole1,238,653150,092150,093

28 Mar 1996 : Column WA155

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