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BSE: Maternal Transmission

Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Lucas: Maternal transmission of BSE has always been recognised as a possibility; an experiment, called the cohort study, to assess whether or not it does in practice occur is nearing completion. Details of this experiment are given in the latest Progress Report on BSE, a copy of which is in the Library of the House.

It is clear, however, from analysis of born after the ban (BAB) cases, that if maternal transmission occurs it does so at a very low level. There is no detectable excess of BSE BAB cases in the offspring of cows which have succumbed to BSE. Exposure to cattle feed accidentally cross-contaminated with meat and bonemeal (MBM) is undoubtedly the major cause of BAB cases.

Organophosphate Exposure:Effects on Calf Foetuses

The Countess of Mar asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Lucas: Studies on the effects on reproduction, including embryotoxic/fetotoxic effects, are required as part of the authorisation procedure for veterinary medicines. Such studies do not necessarily include toxicity to the foetuses of the species of animal for which the product is intended. Data submitted in compliance with these requirements are covered by the disclosure restrictions of Section 118 of the Medicines Act 1968.

"Sea Empress" Oil Spill:Clean-up Operation

Lord Brabazon of Tara asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Transport (Viscount Goschen): The clean-up operation has made excellent progress. The majority of beaches have now been cleaned of the heavy pollution immediately following the spill.

10 Jul 1996 : Column WA28

Pembrokeshire's prime resort beaches at Tenby and Saundersfoot were restored in time for the Easter break and Tenby North Beach has recently been awarded the prestigious European "Blue Flag" for high standards of cleanliness and water quality. It is one of only four beaches in Wales to achieve this.

The main efforts in the ongoing clean-up operation are now concentrated on the most accessible areas of coastline. However, the strong winds and high waters of the Pembrokeshire coastline continue to reveal isolated patches of buried oil, tar balls from oil broken down at sea and some sheening effects as oil residues are washed out. All beaches continue to be monitored closely and "hit squads" are immediately brought into action to deal with any localised problems of this kind. Resources will continue to be deployed for as long as is necessary to complete the clean-up operation.

Track Access and Freight Facility Grant Budget

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Given that the recent award of £75 million in Track Access Grant to Freightliner over five years exceeds the total annual track access and freight facility grant allocation in recent years, how much grant budget is available for other applications.

Viscount Goschen: In the 1996-97 financial year, approximately £13 million.

Track Access Grant to Freightliner: Lorry Mile Valuations

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What value for money criteria were used in assessing the amount of track access grant awarded to Freightliner, and what values per lorry miles saved were used for motorways and dual carriageways, inter-urban single carriageway roads and urban roads respectively.

Viscount Goschen: The track access grant to Freightliner reflects the environmental benefits of keeping this traffic on rail. The usual lorry mile valuations were used (5p for motorways and most dual carriageways; £1.00 for other rural roads; and £1.50 for other urban roads).

Transport and Works Act 1992: Applications

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will list, for each application received under the Transport and Works Act 1992, a short description of the application, the date of receipt of the application and the date of the order by the Secretary of State for Transport.

Viscount Goschen: The following applications have been made to the Secretary of State (for Transport unless otherwise indicated):

ApplicationDate receivedOutcome/current position
River Humber (Upper Burcom Cooling Works)19.4.93 (Secretary of State for Trade and Industry)Order made 1.7.94
Usk Barrage23.6.93 (Secretary of State for Wales)Order not made
Greater Manchester (LRT System) (Modification)5.8.93Order made 7.3.94
Docklands Light Railway (Penalty Fares and Provision of Police Services)28.9.93Order made 14.2.94
Barking Barrage5.11.93 (Secretary of State for the Environment)Order made 2.3.95
British Railways Act 1990 (Arpley Chord) (Extension
of Time)26.11.93Order made 30.3.94
East London Line Extension1.12.93Order not determined but Secretary of State minded to make it.
Greater Manchester (LRTS) (Land Acquisition)30.12.93Order made 5.9.95
Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway17.1.94Order made 4.7.94
Railtrack (Marsh Lane, Leeds, Footbridge)27.1.94Order made 1.6.94
British Railways (Marylebone Diesel Depot)16.2.94Order made 1.5.95
Heathrow Express Railway23.2.94Order made 17.5.95
Trafford Park Railway25.5.94Order made 6.9.95
Great Central (Nottingham) Railway2.8.94Order made 22.6.95
Railtrack Conway Park Station5.8.94Application withdrawn
Heathrow Express Extension (to T5)15.9.94Public inquiry in progress
Greater Manchester (LRTS) (Airport Extension)28.10.94Public inquiry held. Secretary of State considering inspector's report.
Piccadilly Line (Heathrow T5 Extension)29.11.94Public inquiry in progress
Elsecar Steam Railway12.12.94Order made 28.3.96
Railtrack (Swinedyke Level Crossing)31.1.95Order made 6.12.95
Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway (Extension)27.2.95Order made 18.9.95
Greater Manchester (LRTS) (Eccles Extension)12.4.95Public inquiry held. Secretary of State considering inspector's report.
Forge Lane, Horbury Level Crossing10.7.95Order made 13.11.95
Wye Navigation21.3.96 (Secretary of State for Wales and Secretary of State for the Environment)Objection period closed. Objections being considered. Public inquiry likely.
Bicester (Tibbert and Britten Consumer Limited Siding)30.4.96Objection period closed. Objections being considered.
Central Railway20.5.96Objection period closed. Application referred to Parliament to consider principle of proposals.
Leeds Supertram Extension (to Headingley and Seacroft)4.7.96Objection period ends 15.8.96

10 Jul 1996 : Column WA29

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