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Abortion of Female Babies

Lord Braine of Wheatley asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Cumberlege: The Abortion Act 1967, as amended by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990, does not permit abortion on the grounds of the sex of the foetus alone and such practices would be unlawful.

18 Jul 1996 : Column WA82

House of Lords: Times of Sitting

Lord Harris of Greenwich asked the Leader of the House:

    On which dates in the present Session the House of Lords sat after 10 o'clock in the evening, at what times it rose on these occasions and how many of these occasions it sat later than the House of Commons, not including the adjournment motion.

The Lord Privy Seal (Viscount Cranborne): The information requested is as follows. Up to Saturday 13th July, out of a total of 125 sitting days in the current Session, the House of Lords has adjourned after 10 p.m. on 57 occasions. On 45 of those occasions the House of Lords sat later than the House of Commons, not including proceedings on the adjournment motion. On one occasion the House of Lords sat after 10 p.m. on a day (15th April) when the House of Commons did not sit.

The detailed information requested is as follows:

DateTime of adjournment in House of LordsTime House of Commons went on to adjournment
Wednesday 22nd November 199510.10 p.m.10.29 p.m.
Wednesday 29th November 199510.51 p.m.10.01 p.m.
Thursday 30th November 199511.45 p.m.10.01 p.m.
Tuesday 9th January 199610.15 p.m.10.29 p.m.
Wednesday 10th January 199611.34 p.m.10.00 p.m.
Thursday 11th January 199610.27 p.m.6.56 p.m.
Tuesday 16th January 199611.16 p.m.10.15 p.m.
Monday 22nd January 199610.45 p.m.10.17 p.m.
Tuesday 23rd January 199611.58 p.m.11.44 p.m.
Thursday 25th January 199611.00 p.m.7.42 p.m.
Tuesday 30th January 199611.28 p.m.11.45 p.m.
Tuesday 6th February 199610.22 p.m.10.15 p.m.
Tuesday 13th February 199611.24 p.m.10.10 p.m.
Thursday 15th February 199611.47 p.m.10.00 p.m.
Monday 26th February 199612.21 a.m.10.16 p.m.
Wednesday 28th February 199612.27 a.m.8.58 p.m.
Thursday 29th February 199611.19 p.m.10.00 p.m.
Monday 4th March 199612.36 a.m.10.17 p.m.
Tuesday 5th March 199611.45 p.m.10.30 p.m.
Wednesday 6th March 199610.13 p.m.9.49 p.m.
Thursday 7th March 199610.46 p.m.9.21 p.m.
Monday 11th March 199610.30 p.m.10.49 p.m.
Thursday 14th March 199610.43 p.m.7.40 p.m.
Tuesday 19th March 199610.10 p.m.10.13 p.m.
Tuesday 26th March 199611.06 p.m.10.14 p.m.
Wednesday 27th March 199611.15 p.m.10.36 p.m.
Thursday 28th March 199610.45 p.m.10.00 p.m.
Monday 1st April 199611.11 p.m.10.17 p.m.
Tuesday 2nd April 199610.25 p.m.1.32 a.m.
Wednesday 3rd April 199610.09 p.m.9.26 p.m.
Monday 15th April 199610.47 p.m.not sitting
Wednesday 17th April 199610.48 p.m.10.14 p.m.
Monday 22nd April 199610.47 p.m.1.55 a.m.
Tuesday 23rd April 199610.45 p.m.1.37 a.m.
Thursday 25th April 199610.14 p.m.8.26 p.m.
Tuesday 30th April 199601.44 a.m.11.29 p.m.
Thursday 2nd May 199610.57 p.m.4.47 p.m.
Thursday 9th May 199610.55 p.m.9.59 p.m.
Tuesday 21st May 199610.29 p.m.10.49 p.m.
Wednesday 22nd May 199610.26 p.m.8.54 p.m.
Wednesday 5th June 199610.25 p.m.8.54 p.m.
Thursday 6th June 199611.26 p.m.10.00 p.m.
Tuesday 11th June 199611.27 p.m.10.17 p.m.
Wednesday 12th June 199610.30 p.m.8.11 p.m.
Thursday 13th June 199610.47 p.m.7.51 p.m.
Monday 17th June 199612.36 a.m.11.52 p.m.
Tuesday 18th June 199611.44 p.m.10.14 p.m.
Wednesday 19th June 199612.01 a.m.10.00 p.m.
Thursday 20th June 199612.04 a.m.10.00 p.m.
Monday 24th June 199601.30 a.m.10.21 p.m.
Tuesday 25th June 199612.26 a.m.10.12 p.m.
Tuesday 2nd July 199611.22 p.m.11.15 p.m.
Wednesday 3rd July 199611.42 p.m.6.45 p.m.
Thursday 4th July 199611.00 p.m.7.42 p.m.
Monday 8th July 199612.37 a.m.10.34 p.m.
Tuesday 9th July 199610.20 p.m.11.51 a.m.
Wednesday 10th July 199611.23 p.m.12.09 a.m.

18 Jul 1996 : Column WA83

UK Maritime Skills: Report

Lord Burnham asked Her Majesty's Government:

    When they will publish the report of the study into the requirement for UK maritime skills.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Transport (Viscount Goschen): The report of A Study of the UK Economy's Requirements for People with Experience of Working at Sea commissioned jointly by the Department of Transport, the Chamber of Shipping and the Marine Society has been published today. I have placed copies of the report in the Library.

The Government have long recognised the importance of trained seafarers for defence and economic reasons and provide targeted support for Merchant Navy training, principally through the government assistance for training (GAFT) and the development of certificated seafarers (DOCS) schemes.

The Government will consider the report's findings very carefully. The shipping and related shore-based industries will also want to consider how best to meet the potential problems highlighted in the report.

Mauritania: Fisheries Agreement Compensation

Lord Pearson of Rannoch asked Her Majesty's Government:

    How much the European Union will pay Mauritania in compensation as part of the recent fisheries agreement, and what part of that expense will be borne by the United Kingdom.

Lord Lucas: The European Commission calculates that the agreement with Mauritania will cost a total of 272,050,000 ecu (approximately £220,891,523). This is made up of 266,800,000 ecu payable over a period of five years for the fishing opportunities made available,

18 Jul 1996 : Column WA84

3,000,000 ecu to reinforce sanitary controls and support fisheries research in Mauritania, 1,250,000 ecu to support maritime training in Mauritania and 1,000,000 ecu to assist the Mauritanian ministry in covering the costs of attendance at seminars and international meetings. The United Kingdom contribution to this expenditure will be around 14 per cent.

Mauritania: Beneficiaries of Fisheries Agreement

Lord Pearson of Rannoch asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Which member states' fishing industries will benefit principally from the recent fisheries agreement with Mauritania.

Lord Lucas: The industries of Spain and Portugal will be the major beneficiaries of the European Community's fisheries agreement with Mauritania, in line with their traditional fishing activities in this area. The new agreement does include elements, such as pelagic licences, which may be exploited by other member states including the UK.

Senegal: Fisheries Agreement

Lord Pearson of Rannoch asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What is the situation with regard to a fisheries agreement with Senegal.

Lord Lucas: The current fisheries agreement between the European Community and Senegal is due to expire on 1st October 1996. A further agreement is currently being negotiated and a second round of talks was held in Brussels on 11th and 12th July. No agreement has yet been reached and a further round of negotiations will take place on 26th and 27th September.

Common Fisheries Policy

Lord Pearson of Rannoch asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What steps they would need to take to enable the United Kingdom to withdraw from the common fisheries policy, should they decide to do so.

Lord Lucas: The United Kingdom or any other member of the European Union could withdraw from the common fisheries policy, while remaining in the European Union, only if it secured the unanimous agreement of all other member states to the necessary complex range of treaty changes. The Government do not believe that it would serve the best interests of our fishing industry if the United Kingdom sought to go down this route.

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