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Lord Judd asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Chesham: The percentage of the total ODA Bilateral Aid Programme, allocable by sector, spent on Education and Health in the years 1988-89 to 1995-96 is presented in the table below:



(i) Source: British Aid Statistics 1994-95.

(ii) 1995-96 figures are not yet available.

EU Events: November 1996-April 1997

Lord Bruntisfield asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will detail the forthcoming business in the Council of the European Union for November; and list major European Union events for the next six months.

Lord Chesham: This calendar is primarily concerned with European Union matters, but certain other relevant events are also included. Events and dates quoted are based on the information available on the date of issue.

5 Nov 1996 : Column WA52

European Calendar: November 1996-April 1997

November 1996
4th-5thBrusselsK4 Committee
7th-9thCorkRural Development Conference
11thBrusselsECOFIN Council
11th-15thStrasbourgEuropean Parliament Plenary
12thBrusselsHealth Council
14thBrusselsIndustry Council
14th-15thDublinPolitical Committee
18th-19thBrusselsAgriculture Council
19thBrusselsBudget Council
21stBrusselsEducation Council
22ndBrusselsDevelopment Council
22ndBrusselsFisheries Council
25thBrusselsConsumer Council
25th-26thBrusselsGeneral Affairs Council
26thBrusselsInternal Market Council
27th-28thBrusselsEuropean Parliament Plenary
28thBrusselsTelecommunications Council
28th-29thBrusselsJustice and Home Affairs Council
December 1996
2ndBrusselsECOFIN Council
2ndBrusselsSocial Affairs Council
3rdBrusselsEnergy Council
5thBrusselsResearch Council
6thBrusselsGeneral Affairs Council
9th-10thBrusselsEnvironment Council
9th-13thStrasbourgEuropean Parliament Plenary
12th-13thBrusselsTransport Council
13th-14thDublinEuropean Council
16thBrusselsCulture Council
16th-17thBrusselsAgriculture Council
17thBrusselsK4 Committee
19th-20thBrusselsFisheries Council
January 1997
1stDutch Presidency begins
7thBrusselsFisheries Council
13th-17thStrasbourgEuropean Parliament Plenary
20th-21stBrusselsGeneral Affairs Council
20th-21stBrusselsAgriculture Council
27thBrusselsECOFIN Council (t.b.c.)
29th-30thBrusselsEuropean Parliament Plenary
31stAmsterdamTransport Council (Informal)
February 1997
1stAmsterdamTransport Council (Informal)
1st-2ndBrusselsEconomic Affairs Council (Informal)
5th-6thNoordwijkJustice and Home Affairs Council (Informal)
14th-15thRotterdamSocial Affairs Council (Informal)
17thBrusselsECOFIN Council
17th-18thBrusselsAgriculture Council
17th-21stStrasbourgEuropean Parliament Plenary
24th-25thBrusselsGeneral Affairs Council
28thAmsterdamDevelopment Aid Council (Informal)
March 1997
1st-2ndAmsterdamDevelopment Aid Council (Informal)
3rdRotterdamEducation Council (Informal)
3rd-4thBrusselsEnvironment Council
6thBrusselsTelecommunications Council
10thBrusselsInternal Market Council
10th-14thStrasbourgEuropean Parliament Plenary
11th-12thBrusselsTransport Council
15th-16thApeldoornGymnich (Informal)
17thBrusselsECOFIN Council
17th-19thBrusselsAgriculture Council
18th-19thBrusselsJustice and Home Affairs Council
24th-25thBrusselsGeneral Affairs Council
April 1997
*4th-6thNoordwijkECOFIN Council (Informal)
*7th-10thStrasbourgEuropean Parliament Plenary
*10thLuxembourgConsumer Council
*14th-15thLuxembourgFisheries Council
*17thLuxembourgSocial Affairs Council
*18th-20thAmsterdamEnvironment Council (Informal)
*21st-22ndLuxembourgAgriculture Council
*23rdBrusselsEuropean Parliament Plenary
*24thLuxembourgIndustry Council
*25thBrusselsEuropean Parliament Plenary
*29thLuxembourgGeneral Affairs Council

5 Nov 1996 : Column WA54

Subject: Monthly forecast of business for November 1996

1. The following Councils are scheduled:


    11th: ECOFIN Council

    12th: Health Council

    14th: Industry Council

    18th: Agriculture Council

    19th: Agriculture Council

    19th: Budget Council

    21st: Education Council

    22nd: Development Council

    22nd: Fisheries Council

    25th: Consumer Council

    25th: General Affairs Council

    26th: General Affairs Council

    26th: Internal Market Council

    28th: Telecommunications Council

    28th: Justice & Home Affairs Council

    29th: Justice & Home Affairs Council

2. The following subjects are likely to be discussed:

    11th November: ECOFIN Council

    Approval of the provisional agenda.

    Approval of the list of "A" points.

    Preparation of the European Council: Recommendations of the Council based on Article 109 J.

    Preparation of Stage 3 of EMU: Report by the Council to the European Council on relations between the Euro Area and non-participating Member States.

    Commission report on the development of tax systems in the European Union.

    SEM 2000 Commission presentation of report of personal representatives group.

    Other Business.

    12th November: Health Council

    Adoption of the agenda.

    Adoption of the list of "A" points.

    Proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council creating a network for the epidemiological surveillance and control of communicable diseases in the European Community.

    EU-US Task force on Communicable diseases.

    Strategy towards blood safety and self-sufficiency in the European Community: Draft Resolution.

5 Nov 1996 : Column WA55

    Reduction of smoking in the European Community: Draft Resolution.

    Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE): Draft Conclusions.

    Integration of health protection requirements in Community policies: Draft Resolution.

    European Health Card.

    Other Business: Rapid introduction of important new medicinal products (requested by Netherlands Delegation).

    14th November: Industry Council

    At this stage, all of the below would seem likely to be discussed.

    EC Merger Regulation.

    Presidency Paper on State Aids.


    Communication on competitiveness of chemicals industry.

    Communication on competitiveness of automotive industry.

    Communication on competitiveness of textiles industry.

    Third SME Multi-annual programme (1997-2000)--particularly its budget.

    Resolution on realising the full potential of SMEs, including very small and micro enterprises.

    18th/19th November: Agriculture Council

    Beef and cereals package.

    Reform of the tobacco sector.

    Reform of the olive oil sector.

    Durum Wheat (possible item).

    Plant health--solidarity and responsibility (possible item).

    BSE (possible item).

    Veterinary and Phytosanitary Agency (possible item).

    19th November: Budget Council

    1997 Budget.

    Legal Base (possible item).

    21st November: Education Council (provisional agenda)

    School effectiveness: Discussion document and Council Conclusions (This will be the topic for the Open Debate).

    Lifelong Learning: Discussion document and Council Conclusions.

    Local Community Development through Education: Council Conclusions.

    Quality of Higher Education: Presentation of Recommendation.

    Paedophilia Conclusions/Declaration.

5 Nov 1996 : Column WA56

    Green Paper on Obstacles to Mobility: Presentation by the Commission.

    Quality Assessment of First and Second Level Education Systems: Oral report from the Commission.

    SOCRATES: Information from the Commission.

    European Commission White Paper: Commission report on five thematic conferences.

    Transferability of Grants: Information on Commission proposal for a Council Recommendation.

    TEMPUS II (Information/Decision depending on timeframe): Proposal for a Council Decision amending Decision 93/246/EEC of 29th April 1993 adopting the second phase of the trans-European co-operation scheme for higher education (TEMPUS II) (1994-1998).

    Learning in the Information Society: Information from the Commission.

    Meeting with the Education Ministers of the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe (the Council will adjourn its formal business at 1200 to have the formal part of the structured dialogue until 1300. This will continue over lunch and the Council will reconvene formally at approximately 1500 to conclude its business).

    22nd November: Fisheries Council

    Multi-Annual Guidance Programme IV.

    Fish prices.

    Autonomous tariff quotas.

    22nd November: Development Council (provisional agenda)

    First Ministerial exchange of views on ACP/EU relations post Lome IV (Commission Green Paper).

    Further exchange of views on Relief, Rehabilitation and Development.

    Resolution on Human and Social Development.

    Adoption of a common position on the Regulation on North/South Co-operation in the fight against drugs.

    Adoption of a common position on the Regulation on Aid for Population Policies and Programmes.

    Approval after EP second reading of the Regulations on Rehabilitation and Construction in Developing Countries, Refugees in Asia and Latin

5 Nov 1996 : Column WA57

    America, Environmental measures in Developing Countries and HIV/AIDS related operations in developing countries.

    Horizon 2000--Coherence, Complementarity and Co-ordination.

    25th November: Consumer Council

    Draft directive on injunctions (access to justice).

    Action plan on access to justice.

    Directive on consumer credit (on formula used for APR).

    Discussion of green paper on "Financial services: meeting consumers' expectations".

    Discussion of green paper on "Commercial Communications".

    Presidency paper on vulnerable groups.

    Commission presentation on consumer guarantees.

    There will also be an open debate on Consumers and the Information Society.

    25th/26th November: General Affairs Council

    Agenda not yet known.

    26th November: Internal Market Council

    Agenda not yet known.

5 Nov 1996 : Column WA58

    28th November: Telecommunications Council

    Directive on the application of open network provision to voice telephony and on universal service for telecommunications in a competitive environment: Common position.

    Directive on common rules for the development of Community postal services and the improvement of the quality of service: Common position (possible item).

    Decision regarding the definition and implementation of Community Policy in the field of communications and postal services: Adoption.

    Illegal material on the Internet: Conclusions/ Recommendations (possible item).

    Communication on numbering: Presentation (possible item).

    Directive on the approximation of the laws of Member States concerning the connected telecommunications equipment, including the mutual recognition of their conformity and applicability: Presentation (possible item).

    28th/29th November: Justice & Home Affairs Council

    Agenda not yet known.

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