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Number of sitting days in the session 1997-98: 228
TitlePartyPeerage typeOath/Leave of AbsenceAttendance
Alport, L. (died 28.10.98) CrL 78078
Auckland, L. (died 28.7.97)ConH 000
Audley, L. (died 27.6.97) HO     A000
Banks, L. (died 15.6.97)DemCrLO000
Beloff, L. (died 22.3.99)ConCrL 2190219
Boyd-Carpenter, L. (died 11.7.98)ConCrL 67067
Brandon of Oakbrook, L. (died 24.3.99)ConCrL 2190219
Bristol, M. (died 10.1.99) HOOOO
Cadogan, E. (died 4.7.97) HO     A000
Caldecote, V. (died 20.9.99).ConH 41041
Calthorpe, L. (died 29.5.97) HO     A000
Cathcart, E. (died 15.6.99).ConHO000
Cayzer, L. (died 16.4.99) CrLO     A000
Coventry, Bp. (retired 1.10.97) Bp 404
Craigmyle, L. (died 30.4.98)ConH 17017
Crawshaw, L. (died 7.11.97)ConH 13013
Cudlipp, L. (died 17.5.98)DemCrL 101
Dainton, L. (died 5.12.97)XBCrL 18220
Dalhousie, E. (died 15.7.99) HO000
Dartmouth, E. (died 14.12.97) HO000
Dean of Beswick, L. (died 26.2.99)LabCrL 2154215
Denington, B. (died 22.8.98)LabCrLO000
Denning, L. (died 5.3.99)XBCrAO000
Devon, E. (died 19.11.98) HO000
Donaldson of Kingsbridge, L. (died 8.3.98)DemCrL 56056
Dunleath, L. (died 3.5.97) HO000
Eccles, V. (died 24.2 99)ConCrH 303
Ely, Bp. (retired 31.8.99) Bp 29029
Exeter, Bp. (retired 14.8.99). Bp 17017
Foot, L. (died 11.10.99)DemCrLO000
Gillmore of Thamesfield, L. (died 20.3 99)XBCrL 821384
Glanusk, L. (died 28.6.97)ConHO000
Goold, L. (died 27.7.97)ConCrLO000
Grade, L. (died 13.12.98)XBCrL 101
Granville of Eye, L. (died 14.02.98)XBCrL 404
Greenwood, V. (died 30.7.98) HO     A000
Guilford, E. (died 26.3.99) H 000
Hardinge of Penshurst, L. (died 14.7.97)ConH 606
Hertford, M. (died 22.12.97)ConH 19019
Hives, L. (died 8.10.97)ConHO000
Hollenden, L. (died 12.4.99) HO     A000
Hood, V. (died 2.10.99).ConH 35035
Horder, L. (died 2.7.97) HO000
Howard de Walden, L. (died 9.7.99) HO     A000
Howell, L. (died 19.4.98)LabCrL 62462
Hunt, L. (died 7.11.98) CrL      A909
Jersey, E. (died 9.8.98) HO     A000
Kemsley, V. (died 28.2.99)ConHO000
Killanin, L. (died 25.4.99)XBHO000
Kings Norton, L. (died 21.12.97)XBCrL 202
Kissin, L. (died 22.11.97)XBCrL 505
Lansdowne, M. (died 25.8.99). HO000
[Leicester Bp. translated to the Bishopric of Southwark 9.7.98]
Leighton of St Mellons, L. (died 28.4.98) HO000
Lestor of Eccles, B. (died 27.3.98)LabCrL 54054
Lewin, L. (died 23.1.99)XBCrL 10010
Liverpool, Bp. (retired 18.10.97) the former Bishop of Liverpool was subsequently given a life peerage and became Lord Sheppard of Liverpool)
Llewelyn-Davies of Hastoe, B. (died 6.11.97)LabCrLO000
Lowry, L. (died 15.1.99).XBCrL 1900190
McGregor of Durris, L. (died 10.11.97)DemCrL 9312
Marks of Broughton, L. (died 9.9.98)XBHO000
Mellish, L. (died 9.5.98) CrLO000
Menuhin, L. (died 12.3.99)XBCrL 101
Morrison, L. (died 28.10.97) HO     A000
Newcastle, Bp. (retired 30.6.97) Bp 202
Norwich, Bp. (retired 31.7.99) Bp 35035
Nunburnholme, L. (died 28.7.98) HO000
Oram, L. (died 4.9.99).LabCrLO000
Orkney, E. (died 5.2.98)ConHO000
Ormonde, M. (died 25.10.97) HO000
Orr-Ewing, L. (died 19.8.99).ConCrL 1130113
Phillips of Ellesmere, L. (died 23.2.99)XBCrL 6949108
Portman, V. (died 2.5.99)ConH 000
Rayner, L. (died 26.6.98) CrLO     A000
Ripon, Bp. (retired 2.9.99). Bp 1040104
Riverdale, L. (died 26.6.98) HO     A000
Robens of Woldingham, L. (died 27.6.99) CrLO     A000
Robson of Kiddington, B. (died 9.2.99)DemCrL 621363
Rollo, L. (died 25.9.97) HO     A000
Rothermere, V. (died 1.9.98) H 101
Rutland, D. (died 3.1.99) HO     A000
Sainsbury, L. (died 21.10.98) CrL 1390139
Saint Oswald, L. (died 18.3.99)ConH 808
Sheffield, Bp. (retired 31.8.97) Bp 404
Sinha, L. (died 18.1.99) HO000
Smith, L. (died 1.7.98)XBCrL 83083
Soper, L. (died 22.12.98)LabCrL 47047
Southwark, Bp. (retired 31.12.97) Bp 808
Southwell, Bp. (retired 30.4.99) Bp 46046
Swaythling, L. (died 1.7.98)ConH 202
Terrington, L. (6.5.98)XBH 48048
Tonypandy, V. (died 22.9.97)XBCrH 202
Wallace of Campsie, L. (died 23.12.97)LabCrLO000
Whitelaw, V. (died 1.7.99)ConCrH 69069
Wilson of Langside, L. (died 23.11.97)XBCrLO000
Wilton, E. (died 1.10.99). H 000
Winchilsea and Nottingham, E. (died 26.6.99)DemH 1510151
Wyatt of Weeford, L. (died 7.12.97)XBCrL 30030
Wyfold, L. (died 8.4.99) HO     A000
Younger of Leckie, V. (died 25.6.97) HO     A000


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