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European Communities - Eighth Report

Here you can browse the report and appendices which were ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 4 March 1997.




Introduction 1
  The Commission's proposals 3
  Cost of the proposal 5
Background 6
  Production of honey in the United Kingdom 6
  The market for honey in the United Kingdom 6
  Production of honey elsewhere in Europe 10
  The importance of beekeeping 12
  Problems in beekeeping 14
  Existing public support for the bee sector 17
Implications of the Commission's proposals 20
  Extension of the Common Agricultural Policy 20
  Subsidiarity 22
  Levels of implementation 24
  The need for research 29
  Instruction and advice 31
  Analysis of honey 32
  Sugar 36
  Transhumance 37
  Bureaucracy 38
Opinion of the Committee 40
Recommendation 53

Appendix 1-Membership of Sub-Committee D

Appendix 2-List of witnesses

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Prepared 15 March 1997