Select Committee on European Communities Twelfth Report


Letter from Lord Reay, Chairman of Sub-Committee D to Tony Baldry MP, Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food,

Document 12466/96: Proposal for a Council Decision on a Specific Measure to Encourage Italian Fishermen to Diversify out of Certain Fishing Activities

  At its meeting last week, Sub-Committee D of the European Communities Committee considered this document.

  The Sub-Committee invited me to write expressing its support of the position adopted by Her Majesty's Government in opposition to the proposal. We share the Government view that it would be inappropriate for Community funds to be used to pay Italian fishermen to comply with their proper obligations. Although the proposals would involve diversion of funds which have in any case been allocated to Italy, we share the view that it would create an unfortunate precedent if compliance with Community legislation could only be achieved by means of financial incentive.

  This letter lifts the scrutiny reserve.

12 March 1997

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Prepared 10 June 1997