House of Lords
Session 1998-99

General Information about House of Lords' Select Committees

These Internet pages on House of Lords' Committees relate only to the subject-orientated, investigative committees as follows:
    European Communities Committee, which regularly appoints six subject-related sub-committees (A to F)

    Science and Technology Committee, which regularly appoints two sub-committees (I and II)

    An ad hoc Committee on a particular subject; the current ad hoc committee is on the Public Service

These Committees regularly invite evidence on subjects under enquiry and meetings are often open to the public. In addition, the Delegated Powers and Deregulation Committee regularly invites written submissions on draft deregulation orders.

Click on Future Meetings or Points of Contact or Current Enquiries and Evidence invited for further information.

Other Committees not covered on the Internet

The House of Lords also regularly appoints other Select Committees on the following matters:

    1.   The domestic affairs of the House (for example, the Procedure Committee and the Committee for Privileges).

    2.   Private legislation.

    3.   Certain aspects of Public Legislation (for example, the Joint Committees on Statutory Instruments and Consolidation Bills).

    Most Public Bills are considered on the Floor in Committees of the whole House.

    For information about these committees (whose meetings are generally held in private) contact the House of Lords' Journal Information Office (Tel: 0171 219 3107).


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