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HM Coastguard

Lord Carmichael of Kelvingrove asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Hayman: We announced on 17 November, [Official Report, vol. 583 col. WA63-64], a proposed five-year strategy for Her Majesty's Coastguard and it was agreed that the Coastguard Agency would issue a document for consultation. This document is being published today and copies have been placed in the Library.

Railfreight Distribution Sale and Eurotunnel Concession Extension

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Hayman: Studies of such issues would fall to the National Audit Office rather than the Audit Commission. They would be a matter for the Comptroller and Auditor General.

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What arrangements they have made within the recently concluded agreements for the sale of Railfreight Distribution and the extension to Eurotunnel's concession to ensure the provision of open access, and whether these arrangements comply with EC Directive 91/440.[HL76]

Baroness Hayman: In approving the sale of Railfreight Distribution last November, the European Commission found that the sale terms did not unduly distort competition. Since then, in return for agreeing to an extension to Eurotunnel's concession, we have agreed with the French Government and Eurotunnel measures designed to increase international rail freight

20 Jan 1998 : Column WA239

through the Channel Tunnel and beyond, not only by Railfreight Distribution but also by potential new entrants to the market. We believe these arrangements comply fully with EC Directive 91/440.

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What measures to increase rail freight through the Channel Tunnel they have secured from Eurotunnel in return for agreeing to an extension to Eurotunnel's concession, and what is the status of negotiations of each measure.[HL75]

Baroness Hayman: Eurotunnel have agreed a basis for charging new operators who wish to run rail freight services through the Channel Tunnel, details of which are commercially confidential. This will form part of an agreement between the UK and French Governments and Eurotunnel which the parties expect to sign shortly. Eurotunnel have also given the existing British operator, Railfreight Distribution, important assurances about the long term future of Channel Tunnel rail freight.

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What are the amount and timing of commitment or payment of public sector funds in connection with the sale of Rail Freight Distribution to EW & S Railway for:

    (a) payment for use of the Channel Tunnel;

    (b) payment for company restructuring; and

    (c) any other purpose.[HL77]

Baroness Hayman: The net present value (NPV) of the total cost of the sale to the British Railways Board is estimated at about £242 million. This includes payments to Eurotunnel until April 2005 for use of the Channel Tunnel of up to £168 million (NPV), to which BRB is in any case contractually committed; restructuring grant, payable over two years from the date of sale completion, of up to £23 million; and transitional grant of up to £33 million to cover losses over the first two years.

"New Leadership for London": Response

Baroness Hamwee asked Her Majesty's Government:

    How many respondents to the Green Paper New Leadership for London expressed the view that the authority (or the mayor or the assembly) should have tax-varying or similar powers, and how many expressed the view that it (or they) should not; and[HL24]

    How many respondents to the Green Paper New Leadership for London expressed themselves to be in favour of: (a) the election of an assembly with the separate direct election of a mayor;

20 Jan 1998 : Column WA240

    (b) the election of an assembly alone; (c) the election of a mayor alone; and[HL23]

    When they will publish an analysis, on a question by question basis, of the responses to each of the 61 questions in the Green Paper New Leadership for London, including (except where confidentiality has been requested) the names of the respondents.[HL22]

Baroness Hayman: Details of the responses we received to the Green Paper New Leadership for London will be set out in the White Paper which we intend to publish in March. A list of the names of all of the individuals and organisations who responded to the Green Paper was placed in the House of Commons Library on 21 November (Hansard, vol. 301, col. 374). On the same day, copies of their letters were made available for inspection by the public, in the library of the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3EB.

London: ERDF Funding

Lord Bethell asked Her Majesty's Government:

    How much money has been made available from the European Regional Development Fund, in each of the past three years, for each London borough; and whether they will give details of each individual project which has received funds.[HL2]

Baroness Hayman: London has benefited significantly from the European Regional Development Fund over the last three years and will continue to do so until 2001.

The 1994-96 ERDF Objective 2 programme made £45 million in European funds available to regenerate some of the most needy of these areas and has made a significant contribution to developing disused and derelict industrial sites; spreading technological innovation; supporting businesses, cultural industries and job creation initiatives. London is now in its second phase of Objective 2 funding which will make available a further £65 million for the East London and Lee Valley Objective 2 area until the year 2001.

The expenditure has been concentrated in the East London and Lee Valley Objective 2 area, covering specific parts of six London boroughs--Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

The table below shows European Regional Development Fund grants including Community Initiatives such as Konver and URBAN, awarded to London boroughs for each of the last three calendar years. The information has been compiled according to the location of the grant recipients. A copy of this table will be placed in the Library.

London BoroughAuthority NameProject title199519961997
BrentCreate SRBCommunity Capacity Audit£7,580
LB BrentUrban Support Team Worker£54,750
Community NetworksCommunity Open Learning Centre£40,480
EalingLB EalingFood Hygiene Assistance for SMEs£20,000
LB EalingSouthall Visitor and Tourism Development Programme£159,000
LB EalingEaling Tourism Development and Marketing Programme£194,500
EnfieldBritish Waterways Enfield Maintenance Yard£80,000
Enfield Enterprise AgencyStart-Up Counselling (Enfield Enterprise Agency)£65,350
LB EnfieldSouth East Enfield Community Enterprise£128,475
LB EnfieldTechnical Assistance--Keeping it Local£25,000
LB EnfieldLee Valley Product Conformity and Testing Network£332,000
LB EnfieldTottenham Community Pathway Project£60,000
LB EnfieldLee Valley Science Park£2,700,000
LB EnfieldSpine Road Eley Estate£1,200,000
LB EnfieldBrimsdown Employment Area£335,000
LB EnfieldClaverings Industrial Estate£190,000
Middlesex UniversityEllv Teleregion Network Services. (Reg Chall.) Measure 6.£800,000
Middlesex UniversityEllv Teleregion-Network Services (Reg Chall.) Measure 1.£115,000
Middlesex UniversityTeaching Company Scheme-Centre for Small Firms£190,000
North London TECTechnical Assistance£12,600
North London TECSupport for New Businesses--Ulv£227,500
University of North LondonThe Lee Valley "Growth Through New Products" Info Brokerage£177,100
GreenwichLB GreenwichWoolwich Teleservices Centre£192,000
LB GreenwichBusiness Support Services£152,000
LB GreenwichBusiness Innovation and Manufacturing Development£105,000
LB GreenwichRoyal Arsenal-Riverside Walk£366,000
Royal Artillery Museums Ltd.Royal Artillery Collections Improvement Programme£299,178
SolotecTechnology Transfer in Greenwich£190,012
HackneyAston Comm. InvGrass Roots Green Shoots Newtaaps£128,646
Bootstrap EnterprisesThe Print House Access for Community Business£29,865
Central Hackney ComputerHackney Telematics Training£21,844
CilntecRegeneration Counsellors£119,500
Computer AccessHackney Telematics Infrastructure£184,787
Computer AccessEast London and Lee Valley Regeneration Network£73,494
Cordwainers Coll.Leather Sector Specialist£22,701
Cordwainers Coll.Cordwainers Coll. Leather Industries Support Centre£497,554
Dalston City Part.Dalston City Business Credit Union£15,000
Dalston City Part.Hackney Integrated Finance to Business£375,000
Dalston City Part.Hoxton and Shoreditch Pathway Plan£31,900
Dalston City Part.Hackney Wick Pathway Plan£49,300
East London Advanced Tech. Trng.Hackney Practice Firm Centre£75,936
East London Advanced Tech. Trng.Tower Hamlets and Hackney Practice Firm Centres£25,000
English Part.Development of Bishopsgate Goods Deport£1,750,000
Geffrye MuseumGeffrye Design Centre£447,400
Grdwork HackneyFallen Arches£8,500
Grdwork HackneyEntranceways to London Fields£7,500
Grdwork HackneyBrighter Business£40,000
Hackney Bus. VentureBusiness Information and Research Service (Birs)£15,575
Hackney Comm. Coll.Support for Advanced Producer Services£82,640
Hackney Comm. Coll.Urban Improvement Environment Project£88,800
Hackney Comm. Coll.Support and Development of Cultural Music Centres£110,354
Hackney Comm. Coll.Hi-Technology Engineering Centre£300,000
Hackney Comm. Coll.Hackney Comm. Coll. Advanced Telematics and Multi Media£36,000
Hackney Co-op DevelopmentHackney Co-operative Developments Limited£124,400
Hackney Co-op DevelopmentBradbury Street Area Regeneration Project£212,500
Heart of HackneyHaggerston Pathways Plan£78,300
Heart of HackneyHeart of Hackney Pathway Plan£130,500
Hoxton BibliotechBibliotech New Media Publishing and Training Centre£120,000
LB HackneyShoreditch Business and Information Library and Open Learning£102,290
LB HackneyClapton Park Tenants Training and Enterprise Centre (Ttec)£64,000
LB HackneyHackney Town Centre Environmental Enhancements£200,000
LB HackneyLondon Fields Employment Project£1,004,000
LB HackneyDalston Viaduct£2,000,000
London GuildhallEllv Teleregion--Shoreditch Multimedia Centre--Measure 6100,000
London GuildhallThe London Media Foundation£485,000
London GuildhallEllv Teleregion--Shoreditch Multimedia Centre--Measure 8£1,870,000
London GuildhallEllv Teleregional--Shoreditch Multimedia Centre. Measure 1£115,000
London Video and FilmCentre for Independent Film Television and Electronic Media£433,586
LvstcAftercare Infrastructure Scheme£61,296
The Circus SpaceThe Circus Space£441,250
Video Engineering and TrainingVet Digital Media Training and Support Programme£110,000
Hammersmith & FulhamLB Hammersmith/FulhamUrban Support Package£33,739
LB Hammersmith/FulhamTrial Trading Grant£10,002
Community NetworksInformation And Networking£55,832
HaringeyBroadwater Community EnterpriseBusiness Seminars and Counselling£4,770
College of NE LondonHaringey Telematics Project£449,000
College of NE LondonVideo Production Creating & Supporting SMEs£10,400
College of NE LondonDigital Arts Centre£250,000
Community Action SportFormer British Gas Sports Ground£150,000
Finsbury Park Community TrustThe Builders Network£37,593
Finsbury Park Community TrustAdvanced Producer Services Capacity Building Project£55,479
Haringey E & B PartnershipLee Valley Community Foundation£67,648
LB HaringeyIndustrial Estates Improvements£500,000
LB HaringeyCycle Parking at Rail Stations£29,500
LB HaringeySeven Sisters Interchange£125,000
LB HaringeyHaringey Childcare Information Service£47,437
LB HaringeyTottenham Hale Gateway£300,000
LB HaringeyNeighbourhood Opportunity Centre Network£157,500
LB HaringeyNeighbourhood Opportunity Centre Network£123,800
Lee Valley FE ConsortiumTechnical Assistance (Ta002)£3,750
Lee Valley FE ConsortiumTechnical Assistance£9,375
LB HackneyTottenham Hale (Lul) Station Upgrade/Modernisation£1,066,000
Middlesex Uni.Lee Valley C'tre for Env. & Occupational Safety for Business£169,700
Middlesex Uni.Lee Valley Technology Transfer Centre£328,000
Middlesex Uni.Telematic Support For SMEs£175,000
Middlesex Uni.Lee Valley Design Management Centre£234,000
North London TECTottenham Community Business Initiative£60,000
North London TECUpper Lee Valley Community Business Initiative£30,000
North London TECTottenham Community Business Initiative (Ii)£30,000
North London TECUpper Lee Valley Community Business Initiative£30,681
North London TECFunding for Growth Smes£90,000
North London TECClothing Industry Resource Centre£191,250
North London TECAccess to Finance£122,622
North London TECCompact£96,650
TbdaFinancial Assistance for SMEs£69,040
TbdaEthnic Minority Business Support Programme£74,300
Tottenham Community ProjectProduct Advancement and Community Project£30,250
HillingdonBusiness Link Lon. WSupporting Hayes Business (Business Link)£427,008
LB HillingdonPremises Support for Small Business-- "Schoenburg"£205,000
LB HillingdonSupporting Hayes Businesses£178,639
LB HillingdonHillingdon Tourism Development and Marketing Programme£163,500
LB HillingdonSupporting Hayes Business: Business Improvement Grants£252,500
HounslowBusiness Link Lon. WDeveloping SMEs In the Logistics Sector of West London£237,939
Business Link Lon. WAn Information + Communications Technology Centre for W. London£490,994
Kew Bridge Engines TrustWater For Life Gallery Phases 3 & 4£151,680
LB of HounslowWest London Interest Free Trading System£147,365
NewhamLetecBusiness Support And Advice£90,000
LetecMicro Business Grants£120,000
LetecStart-Up Counselling£79,000
Newham Coll.Fashion Futures--East London Fashion Industries Design£200,000
Newham Coll.Music Technology Centre£285,000
Newham Coll.Green Street Business Centre--Barclay Hall Project 2£125,000
Newham Coll.Key Technologies Centre£300,000
Newham Coll.East London Digital Multi Media Innovation Centre£202,000
Newham Coll.Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre£492,000
Newham Coll.Centre For Access and Employment Development£455,000
LB NewhamThree Mills Studio Workshops£480,000
LB NewhamLittle Ilford Action Plan£16,800
LB NewhamGreen Street Area Plan£83,000
LB NewhamCanning Town£66,000
LB NewhamStratford Rail Lands Regeneration£475,000
LB NewhamStratford£51,450
LB NewhamThe St. Luke's Project£930,320
LB NewhamCanning Town Area Environmental and Transport Improvements£350,000
LB NewhamStratford Regional Station£1,430,000
LB NewhamStratford Station--Subway Extension£170,000
LB NewhamThree Mills Bridge--Development Access£300,000
LB NewhamStratford Town Centre Environmental Improvements£500,000
Newham Women's T & ENewtec Multi-Media Centre£50,000
LB Tower HamletsBangletown£90,000
LB Tower HamletsBethnal Green Urban Village Environmental Improvement Programme£400,000
LB Tower HamletsBusiness Premises Improvement Programme£200,000
LB Tower HamletsEast London Film And Video Studio£334,657
LetecBusiness Assist£142,300
LetecEurotech Management£66,093
LetecCustomer Centric Telebusiness£75,060
LetecBringing Buyers to Tower Hamlets£90,000
LetecPilot Mutual Guarantee Society£22,500
Sense of Europe TrustSense Of Europe Trust Cultural Businesses Production£184,500
Spitalfields Arts ProjectSpitalfields Arts Project£360,000
SsbaDelivering Change--Support For Micro Businesses£175,000
Ssba"Making It Work"£112,700
SsbaPartnerships For Jobs--Brick Lane Workshops£99,563
The People's ShowDevelopment of St. James The Great Institute£80,000
The Prince's Youth TrustHelping Unemployed Young People Into Viable Self Employment£123,000
Tower Hamlets CdaTargeted Business Development In Tower Hamlets£253,200
Tower Hamlets Coll.Electronic Network Utility For SMEs£130,000
Tower Hamlets Coll.Pathways to Enterprise and Employment£127,800
Waltham ForestCorporation of Waltham ForestCorporation of Waltham Forest£18,000
Corporation of Waltham ForestMulti Media Development£27,000
Lee Valley PartnershipMarketing Strategy East London and the Lee Valley£1,633,000
Orient Regeneration TrustBridging the Gap£100,000
Waltham ForestChanging Room--Visual Art and Craft Centre£142,470
Waltham ForestCentralised Database of Sites And Properties£111,365
Waltham ForestAccess Strategy For East London and the Lee Valley£40,000
Waltham ForestLeyton Textile Studio£205,000
Waltham ForestLea Bridge Road Bus Priority Measures£94,000
Waltham ForestComputer Based Training Programme£66,000
Waltham ForestSupport for Cultural Industries£113,810
Waltham ForestCommunity Based Business Development Programme£96,149
Waltham ForestLea Bridge Gateway Industrial Area Improvement£407,020
Waltham ForestWaltham Forest Business Centre£700,000
Waltham ForestMicro and Ethnic Minority Business Initiative£212,000
Waltham Forest CollegeComputer Integrated Manufacturing Programme£419,359
University of East LondonEast London Network for Open Learning Technology and Development£120,000
University of East LondonBusiness Development Centre--International Business School£645,000
University of East LondonInternet Business Expertise Centre£100,000
Tower HamletsArtsadministration LimitedToynbee Studios£208,024
Bethnal Green Business Development TrustBethnal Green Business Development Centre Trust£290,290
Bethnal Green City ChallengeFlexible Business Service Bureau£200,858
Bridge ProjectTower Hamlets Business Grants Programme£328,000
British Waterways East London Canals Ring Improvements£350,000
Bromley by Bow CentreTower Hamlets East Pathway Plan£65,576
Bromley by Bow CentreAccess Route and Facilities for Bromley Recreation Centre£56,000
Central Stepney SrbCentral Stepney and Locksley Local Pathway Partnership£55,450
Cityside RegenerationTower Hamlets West Pathway Plan£78,904
East London Community TrainingThe Community Business Support Project£36,750
Half Moon Young Peoples TheatrePhase Development of Half Moon 43 Whitehorse Road£70,000
Lb of Tower HamletsTower Hamlets St. Peter's Pilot£15,050
WestminsterPaddington ArtsPaddington Arts Development Plan£85,853
Association of London GovernmentTechnical Assistance (Ta001)£36,000

20 Jan 1998 : Column WA247

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