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Benefit Uprating Comparisons

Lord Morris of Manchester asked Her Majesty's Government:

17 Feb 1998 : Column WA36

Baroness Hollis of Heigham: The information is set out in the tables.

17 Feb 1998 : Column WA35

Gross cost of uprating benefits by the higher of earnings or prices

RP (£bn)IVB/IB (£bn)NCRP (£m)SDA (£m)WB (£m)GA/CSA (£m)AA/DLA (£m)IIDB (£m)

Rate if increased by the higher of earnings or prices since 1980 in current prices
£ per week

November 197923.3023.3014.0014.0023.3032.607.1018.6038.00
November 198027.6026.4516.6016.6027.6038.658.4022.0545.05
November 198130.9029.6018.6018.6030.9043.309.4024.7050.45
November 198233.5032.1020.1520.1533.5046.9510.2026.7554.70
November 198336.4034.9021.9021.9036.4051.0511.1029.1059.45
November 198438.2536.7023.0023.0038.2553.6511.6530.6062.50
November 198541.6041.6025.0025.0041.6058.3012.6533.2567.95
July 198643.4543.4526.1026.1043.4560.8513.2034.7070.95
April 198745.9045.9027.5527.5545.9064.2513.9536.6574.90
April 198849.5049.5029.7029.7049.5015.0539.5080.75
April 198953.9053.9032.3532.3553.9016.4043.0087.95
April 199059.1559.1535.5035.5059.1518.0047.1596.50
April 199165.6065.6039.3539.3565.6019.9552.30107.00
April 199270.8070.8042.4542.4570.8021.5556.45115.45
April 199374.2574.2544.5544.5574.2522.6059.20121.10
April 199476.9076.9046.0546.3576.9023.2560.90124.60
April 199580.0080.0047.9048.2080.0024.2063.35129.60
April 199683.1083.1049.7550.1083.1025.1565.80134.65
April 199786.6086.6051.8552.2086.6026.2068.55140.30

Actual weekly benefit paid at April 1997 prices
£ per week

November 197960.4460.4436.3236.3260.4484.5718.4248.2598.57
November 198061.0858.4936.6736.6761.0885.4816.8748.7099.66
November 198159.4756.9635.6635.6659.4783.1815.4747.5297.04
November 198262.1159.4737.2537.2562.1186.8815.0349.63101.35
November 198361.4158.7936.8836.8861.4185.9313.7149.05100.27
November 198461.5258.8636.9536.9561.5286.1013.1549.15100.36
November 198562.4162.4137.4837.4862.4187.3413.1249.86101.84
July 198662.0362.0337.2737.2762.0386.8712.9049.61101.30
April 198760.6560.6536.4636.4660.6584.9812.3648.5299.03
April 198860.7960.7936.5636.5660.7912.4148.6899.28
April 198959.6259.6235.8335.8359.6212.2447.7297.36
April 199058.6058.6035.2335.2358.6012.0646.9195.70
April 199161.0661.0636.7036.7061.0611.3948.9199.70
April 199260.9860.9836.6536.6560.9810.9848.8299.55
April 199362.3662.3637.4637.4662.3610.8949.91101.83
April 199462.4362.4337.3937.7262.4310.6249.53101.02
April 199561.7361.7336.9837.2961.7310.3348.9999.97
April 199662.6362.6337.4937.8562.6310.1449.68101.40
April 199762.4562.4537.3537.7562.459.9049.50101.10

Key to benefits:

Retirement Pension Basic (RP).

Non Contributory Retirement Pension (NCRP).

Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA).

Invalidity Benefit/Incapacity Benefit Short Term Higher Rate and Long Term (IVB/IB).

Widows Benefits (WB).

Guardians Allowance (GA) and Child Special Allowance (CSA).

Attendance Allowance (AA)/Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB).


1. Invalidity Benefit was replaced by Incapacity Benefit in April 1995.

2. Widows Allowance ceased in April 1988.

3. Attendance Allowance was replaced by Disability Living Allowance in April 1992 for people who became disabled before the age of 65.

4. The Retail Prices Index (all items) and the Average Earnings Index (whole economy) as produced by the Office of National Statistics was used in these calculations.

5. VAT on fuel was added in April 1994 at the rate of 50p single person for the following benefits: Retirement Pension, Widowed Mother's Allowance, Invalidity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance and 20p for single person for NCRP.

6. The abatement of 5 per cent. applied to Invalidity Benefit in 1980 and has also been included.

7. Costs are in 1996-97 prices, and have been rounded to the nearest £10 million where estimates are in millions and £0.1 billion where estimates are in billions.

8. * denotes less than £0.5 million where estimates are in millions and £0.05 billion for estimates in billions.

9. The earnings-link uprated benefit rates include the increases made to benefit rates on account of the introduction of VAT on fuel.

10. All costs are on a gross basis and do not include income-related benefit offsets.

17 Feb 1998 : Column WA37

17 Feb 1998 : Column WA37

Northern Ireland: Analysis of GCSE Results

Baroness Blatch asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will publish data for Northern Ireland showing comprehensive schools, modern schools, grammar schools, state schools, independent schools and all schools separately, the percentage of all 16 year-old pupils in each of the year 1994 to 1997 obtaining five or more passes at grades A* to C, showing data separately for boys, girls and all pupils,

17 Feb 1998 : Column WA38

    and showing separately for each type of state school the percentages for local education authority schools, voluntary schools (including together voluntary controlled, voluntary aided, and special agreement schools), grant-maintained schools and, where appropriate, CTCs and including, for each category of school, the number of schools and the number of 16 year-old pupils.[HL452]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Northern Ireland Office (Lord Dubs): The information requested is as follows:

17 Feb 1998 : Column WA37

Percentage of Year 12 pupils obtaining 5+ GCSEs at grades A*-C 1993-94 to 1996-97

Secondary Schools Grammar Schools
ControlledMaintainedControlled IntegratedGrant Maintained IntegratedControlledVoluntaryAll Schools(1)
Number of Schools7878131853231
Number of Year 12 pupils7,2998,107402221,9706,13223,770
Number of Schools7778151853232
Number of Year 12 pupils7,2968,377552362,2717,01925,254
Number of Schools7878181853236
Number of Year 12 pupils7,9938,654552722,3037,09126,368
Number of Schools76791101853237
Number of Year 12 pupils7,5638,439503472,2457,05425,698

(1) Data are not available in respect of independent and special schools.

(2) Separate figures for boys and girls not available.

17 Feb 1998 : Column WA39

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