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Airline Passengers: Disruptive Behaviour

Lord Avebury asked Her Majesty's Government:

6 Jul 1998 : Column WA114

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (Baroness Hayman): One hundred and four incidents of disruptive behaviour by passengers were reported to the Civil Aviation Authority under the mandatory reporting scheme in 1997, not all of which resulted from drunkenness. In the same period UK airlines carried some 80 million passengers. While such incidents can be distressing for fellow passengers, the CAA has no real evidence to suggest that disruptive behaviour by passengers is a significant safety problem.

It is an offence for a passenger to enter an aircraft while drunk or to be drunk on board an aircraft. It is also an offence for any person recklessly or negligently to act in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft or any person therein. Both offences are punishable by a fine of up to £5,000 and two years' imprisonment.

Airlines have to take responsibility for ensuring that they do not serve passengers with alcohol to such an extent that they become intoxicated. The CAA is working with the industry to ensure that airline staff receive appropriate training to enable them to deal with this problem. The CAA is also actively engaged in raising awareness of passenger responsibilities, such as the effect of alcohol at altitude and need for moderation. They believe that this is preferable to restricting the supply of alcohol to the vast majority of responsible passengers.

Track Access and Freight Facilities Grants

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What track access grants and freight facilities grants have so far been awarded in 1998 in England, Wales and Scotland.[HL2471]

Baroness Hayman: Four new track access grants worth around £1.6 million have been awarded in 1998. Three of these awards were to English, Welsh and Scottish Railways and the fourth was to Freightliner. These related to traffic primarily in England, although one of the flows was entirely in Scotland.

In England, five freight facilities grants worth over £4.3 million have been awarded as follows:

    1. H. J. Banks Ltd. £421,224

    2. Freightliner £634,800

    3. Port of Felixstowe Ltd. £1,832,240

    4. European Metals Recycling Ltd. £1,114,000

    5. Rover Group £315,600

No freight facilities grants have been awarded in Wales or Scotland in 1998.

6 Jul 1998 : Column WA115

CTRL: Freight Capacity

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether the Channel Tunnel Rail Link will be designed to accommodate all types of freight train currently in use in the United Kingdom; and, if not, whether they will specify any technical restrictions such as minimum speed, axle weights, train lengths or weight which might prevent certain freight trains operating on that line.[HL2469]

Baroness Hayman: While the Channel Tunnel Rail Link is primarily intended as a high-speed passenger line, the Development Agreement with London and Continental Railways (LCR) requires that the entirety of the new infrastructure should have a potential freight capability. This therefore includes the provision of continental loading gauge, appropriate track spacing, compatibility with standard UK axle loadings, two freight passing lines and two freight junctions.

6 Jul 1998 : Column WA116

The detailed design of the railway is a matter for LCR; the Government have placed no technical restrictions on the type of freight train that may use the new line. I understand from the company, however, that it will be particularly suited to higher speed freight trains carrying more valuable and lower weight consignments. This will of course enable substantial capacity on the existing railway network to be released.

Transport and Works Act: Outstanding Applications

Lord Berkeley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What Transport and Works Act applications received by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions have not been determined, giving the date of application, description of works and estimated cost, and status in the approval process.[HL2470]

Baroness Hayman: The following applications made to the Secretary of State have yet to be determined:

6 Jul 1998 : Column WA115

Title of proposed orderDate of applicationApplicant and description of proposalsEstimated cost of works (as at date of application) Status in approval process
1. Heathrow Express Railway Extension Order15/9/94Application by Heathrow Airport Ltd to extend the Heathrow Express Railway to the proposed Terminal 5.£88 millionAt inquiry.
2. Piccadilly Line (Heathrow T5 Extension) Order29/11/94Application by London Underground Ltd and Heathrow Airport Ltd to extend the Piccadilly Line to the proposed Terminal 5.£71 millionAt inquiry.
3. Wye Navigation Order21/3/96Application by the Environment Agency for powers to manage navigation on the Rivers Wye and Lugg and tributaries.Not applicable.Inquiry report being considered. (To be determined jointly with the Secretary of State for Wales.)
4. Leeds Supertram (Extension) Order4/7/96Application by West Yorkshire PTE to extend the proposed Leeds Supertram system to Headingley and Seacroft.£166 millionInquiry report being considered.
5. Greater Manchester (LRTS) (Land Acquisition) Order15/10/96Application by Greater Manchester PTE to renew compulsory purchase powers for the proposed Metrolink lines to East Didsbury and Rochdale.Not applicable.Objections being considered.
6. Greater Manchester (LRTS) (Ashton-under-Lyne Extension) Order12/12/96Application by Greater Manchester PTE to extend the Metrolink from Piccadilly Station to Ashton-under-Lyne£110 millionInquiry report being considered.
7. Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Stratford Station and Subsidiary Works) Order23/1/97Application by Eurostar (UK) Ltd to construct Stratford International Station and a link to the West Coast Main Line at St Pancras.£68 millionInquiry report being considered.
8. Welsh Highland Railway Order27/3/97Application by the Festiniog Railway to reconstruct the Welsh Highland Railway.£19 millionInquiry report being considered.
9. Greater Manchester (LRTS) (Mumps Surface Crossing) Order10/4/97Application by Greater Manchester PTE to alter route of the proposed Metrolink line in Oldham town centre.£4 millionObjections being considered.
10. Wirral Tramway Order15/4/97Application by Wirral Borough Council to extend the Wirral heritage tramway.£415,000Objections being considered.
11. Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport (Sunderland) Order8/5/97Application by Tyne & Wear PTE to extend Metro to Sunderland and South Hylton.£63 millionInquiry report being considered.
12. Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Boarley Lane Diversion) Order26/6/97Application by Eurostar (UK) Ltd to realign Boarley Lane at Boxley, Kent, to accommodate alteration to the level of the CTRL.£2 millionPreparing to determine application.
13. Railtrack (Thameslink 2000) Order19/11/97Application by Railtrack to provide enhanced capacity for Thameslink services.£566 millionDecision to refer to inquiry held in abeyance.
14. Greater Manchester (LRTS) (Trafford Park) Order15/1/98Application by Greater Manchester PTE to renew compulsory purchase powers for the proposed Metrolink line to Trafford Park and to modify the route where it crosses the Bridgewater Canal.£3 million (Cost of modification works only.)Objections being considered.
15. Greater Manchester (LRTS) (Moor Road Modification) Order15/1/98Application by Greater Manchester PTE to modify route of the proposed Metrolink line to Manchester Airport to allow street running at Moor Road. Cost of modification works not separately identifiable.Preparing to determine application.
16. South Hampshire Rapid Transit Order6/3/98Application by Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth City Council to construct a light rapid transit system between Fareham, Gosport and Portsmouth.£147 millionApplication to be considered at inquiry.
17. Merseyside Rapid Transit Order7/4/98Application by Merseyside PTE to construct an electronically guided/electrically powered rapid transit system from Liverpool King's Dock to Page Moss with branch to a park-&-ride site at Broad Green.£53 millionApplication to be considered at inquiry.
18. Portsmouth Harbour (Gunwharf Quays) Order9/4/98Application by the Berkeley Festival Waterfront Company Limited to authorise interference with navigation caused by provision of suspended deck and works to quay walls at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth Harbour.£23 millionObjections being considered.
19. River Thames (Hungerford Footbridges) Order14/4/98Application by the City of Westminster Council to authorise interference with navigation caused by construction of new footbridges on either side of the Hungerford railway bridge.£20 millionObjections being considered.
20. Leeds Supertram (Land Acquisition etc.) Order10/6/98Application by West Yorkshire PTE to renew compulsory purchase powers for the proposed Leeds Supertram line to Stourton and Tingley and to authorise minor modifications.Cost of modification works not separately identifiable.Objection period closes on 22/7/98.
21. Baltic Millennium Bridge Order18/6/98Application by Gateshead Borough Council to construct an opening bridge across the River Tyne between Gateshead Quays and the Newcastle Quayside.£19 millionObjection period closes on 30/7/98.

6 Jul 1998 : Column WA117

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