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Gyrodactylus Salaris

Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Sewel: There is no evidence that Gyrodactylus salaris can be spread in salmon eggs. All imports of eggs must be certified as thoroughly disinfected.

Salmon Farms: Relocation

The Earl of Dundonald asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Sewel: There are approximately 230 finfish farms with multiple cages situated on the west of Scotland. The relocation of these to offshore locations to avoid passing sea trout and salmon is neither realistic nor practicable at this time. Indeed, given the current state of cage technology, this could lead to an increase in escapes, thereby giving rise to heightened concerns about interactions with wild species.

The Earl of Dundonald asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Sewel: No estimate has been made of the cost of moving the fish farming industry further offshore.

The Earl of Dundonald asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Sewel: We are always willing to learn from the experiences of other countries and there are exchanges between our respective scientific advisers.

Guidance on the future location of fish farms will shortly be issued for consultation.

30 Jul 1998 : Column WA249

Salmon and Sea Trout Catch Value

The Earl of Dundonald asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What is their estimate of the economic effect of further falls in rod-caught wild salmon and sea trout on the rural economy of the Highlands and west coast of Scotland.[HL3013]

Lord Sewel: The Scottish Salmon Strategy Task Force report contains estimates of the value of salmon/sea trout angling in various parts of Scotland but recognised that figures were not available for sea trout on the west coast. We understand that the Salmon and Trout Association has commissioned a study on the matter and look forward to seeing the results.

Infectious Salmon Anaemiaand Oysters

The Earl of Dundonald asked Her Majesty's Government:

    In view of the fact that oysters are considered only potential carriers of infectious salmon anaemia and of the consequences of restriction on their movement for operators of oyster farms, when they will complete their review as to when compensation will be paid to oyster farmers.[HL3015]

Lord Sewel: Oysters and other bi-valve molluscs feed by filtering particles from the water and there is evidence to show that they are capable of accumulating and subsequently depurating viruses. It follows that there is a risk of spreading infectious salmon anaemia if they are moved.

Hitherto it has not been the policy of Government to pay compensation for losses as a result of fish or shellfish diseases, but the issues are being reviewed as a matter of urgency.

Parliamentary Data and Video Network: Service Interruptions

Lord Marlesford asked the Chairman of Committees:

    Whether he will list the occasions during 1998 when the Parliamentary Data and Video Network has been inaccessible to users, indicating the date, length of time and cause of the interruption to the service on each occasion.[HL2995]

The Chairman of Committees (Lord Boston of Faversham): The requested information is listed below. Occasions during weekends when the service was interrupted for maintenance which was notified in advance are not included.

30 Jul 1998 : Column WA250

DateService InterruptedDurationComments
20.7.98Malfunction with Fibre Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) bridge router in Palace50 mins
9.7.98Supervisor card at Norman Shaw South30 mins
17.6.98Citrix server L0150 minsNo effect on users. Down for maintenance.
17. 6.98Citrix server L0250 minsNo effect on users. Server overloaded.
5.6.98Router problems affecting whole PDVN1 hr 15
4.6.98Router problems affecting whole PDVN50 mins
3.6.98Router problems2 hrs 30Buildings affected--Canon Row, Norman Shaw, Deans Yard.
2.6.98Router problems3 hrs 15
1.6.98Server PDVN60045 minsAffected users in Norman Shaw.
26.5.98Servers PDVN027, PDVN500 and FINANCE 013 hrsDue to flooding.
15.5.98Norman Shaw Dragon Switch30 minsAffected users in Norman Shaw buildings and remote users dialling in via PDVN603 and PDVN024.
14.5.98Problems logging on to Secondary Distribution Point (SDP)2015 minsAffected HoL--particularly 1st floor, west front and principal floor.
11.5.98Dragon Switch at Norman Shaw40 minsAffected users in Norman Shaw buildings and remote users dialling in via PDVN603 and PDVN024.
7.5.98Citrix servers25 minsAffected all Citrix users. Down for maintenance.
5.5.98Secondary Distribution Point 5 Supervisor Card3 hrsAffected users in POW (mainly Upper Committee Corridor south).
27.4.98Dragon Switch at Norman Shaw30 minsAffected users in Norman Shaw buildings and remote users dialling in via PDVN603 and PDVN024.
27.4.98Citrix server6 hrs 30Affected all Citrix users.
22.4.98Citrix server1 hr 45Affected all Citrix users.
14.4.98Router at Norman Shaw South1 hr 30Affected users in Norman Shaw buildings.
8.4.98Citrix server1 hr 15Affected all Citrix users.
2.4.98Citrix server2 hr 15Affected all Citrix users.
23.3.98Power cut at Canon Row6 hrsAffected all users at Cannon Row.
19.3.98Server DNP01 due to power cut at 7 Millbank1 hrAffected users at Millbank and transfer of mail between Groupwise and Library email system.
3.3.98Server PDVN20250 mins
27.2.98Server PDVN0251 hrAffected all users who log on via PDVN025.
25.2.98Citrix server35 minsAffected all Citrix users.

30 Jul 1998 : Column WA251

30 Jul 1998 : Column WA252

Email & Internet Outages (January 1998 to date)

DateService InterruptedDurationComments
14.5.98Netscape unavailable via Citrix30 minsAffected remote users only
14.4.98Netscape unavailable via Citrix15 minsAffected remote users only
8.4.98PDVN022 groupwise post office down20 minsAffected users whose post office is PDVN022
31.3.98External web pages not available30 mins
15.1.98External email5 hrs 10

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