Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Tenth Report

Annex A (continued)

100 (r)
Para 9
non-disclosure of medical evidence
Sch 6

Para 29
CSA 28B(6) (a) persons in addition to the applicant who are to be notified when a decision is revised or superseded
(r) (b) period within which the applicant must notify the Secretary of State if he wishes his application for a departure direction to stand
Para 37
CSA 46A(1) (1) matters arising pending a decision of (a) the Secretary of State, (b) an appeal tribunal or (c) a Child Support Commissioner
(2) matters arising out of the revision under section 16 above or on appeal of any such decision
Para 64
SSCBA Sch 1 Para 5 (a) calculation of amount of Class 1A contributions so as to avoid fractional amounts
(r) (b) modify section 10 in relation to cases where a car is made available by reason of two or more employed earner's employments under different employers
104 SSCBA Sch 1 Para 5A calculation of amount of Class 1B contributions so as to avoid fractional amounts
sub para 4
SSCBA Sch 1 Para 6 (1) Class 1B contributions can be paid, accounted for and recovered in a similar manner to tax (in line with Classes 1, 1A and 2)
sub para 5
SSCBA Sch 1 Para 6 (2) Payment of interest and imposition and recovery of penalties in connection with Class 1B contributions
sub para 6
SSCBA Sch 1 Para 6 (4A) interest not required to be paid on Class 1B contributions if a tax appeal is pending
sub para 9
SSCBA Sch 1 Para 8 (1)(b) maintenance and retention of records relevant to Class 1B liability
sub para 10
SSCBA SCh 1 Para 8 (1)(ia) repayment of Class 1B contributions in prescribed circumstances
sub para 11
SSCBA Sch 1 Para 8 (1)(1) treatment of secondary Class 1B contributions as a payment of Class 1, 1A and 2 contributions and vice versa
Para 111
PSA 170(3) (a) procedure to be adopted for applications for revising or superseding a decision under section 10 or 11
Para 111 (cont)
PSA 170(3) (b) provision generally with respect to application and revisions under section 10 or 11
Para 117(2)
JSA 16(4) meaning of "training scheme" in section 16
107 (r)
Para 118(3)
JSA 17(5) meaning of "training scheme" in section 17
Para 124
SS(RoB)A 10 period, cases or circumstances in which a certificate of recoverable benefits may be reviewed

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Prepared 20 January 1998