Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Eighteenth Report



Memorandum by the Welsh Office

1.        This memorandum describes the powers to make subordinate legislation which will be conferred by the Government of Wales Bill. The principal purpose of the Bill is to provide for the establishment of the National Assembly for Wales, to provide for the reform certain public bodies, and generally to bring effective accountability for public services in Wales.

2.        The underlying principle is that the Assembly will take responsibility for those executive functions currently exercised by the Secretary of State for Wales. The Assembly will not be a primary legislative body. However, under powers conferred by Order in Council, the Assembly will be enabled to exercise a range of subordinate legislative powers that will generally not then be subject to Parliamentary procedure. Nonetheless, the Bill establishes a range of subordinate legislative powers exercisable mainly by the Secretary of State or by Order in Council to which Parliamentary procedures will apply. The Bill received its first reading in the House of Commons on 26 November 1997. Second reading was on 9 December and third reading on 26 March, the Bill having completed its committee stage on 2 March.

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