Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Eighteenth Report



Memorandum by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions

    This Memorandum identifies those provisions of the Road Traffic Reduction (National Targets) Bill which give powers to make delegated legislation.

  Outline and Scope of the Bill

    The Bill, if enacted, would lay a duty on the Secretary of State to set and publish in a report targets for road traffic reduction in England, Wales and Scotland. However, the Secretary of State is not obliged to specify targets for road traffic reduction if he considers that other targets, or other measures, are more appropriate for the purpose of reducing the adverse impacts of road traffic, but in that case he shall publish a report explaining his reasoning and including an assessment of the impact of the other targets or other measures on road traffic reduction.

  Proposals for Subordinate Legislation

    The Bill makes provision for the following subordinate legislation.

    Clause 4 of the Bill provides for an Order in Council (to be made under the Northern Ireland Act 1974) to which the negative resolution procedure is applied, so that analogous legislation can be introduced in Northern Ireland.

    This clause clarifies the position with regard to Northern Ireland where the subject matter of this Bill is already a devolved matter.

  April 1998

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