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European Communities - Second Report

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 1 July 1997.


Description Paragraph

Background 1
The Scope of this Enquiry 3
Issues raised by this Enquiry 7
Significant developments over the past five years 10
The Commission's Communication of October 1996 12

The Commission's Communication-General Points 13
 The Commission's general approach 13
 Witnesses' views 14
 Opinion-general approach of the Communication 22
Preparation and Formulation of Policy 25
 The Commission's proposals 25
 Witnesses' views 26
 Opinion-preparation and formulation of policy 32
Form and Drafting of Legislation 36
 The Commission's proposals 36
 Witnesses' views 38
 Opinion-form and drafting of legislation 41
Transposition and Practical Implementation 43
 The Commission's proposals 43
 Witnesses' views 45
 Opinion-transposition and practical implementation 46
Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation 48
 The Commission's proposals 48
 Witnesses' views 49
  The Commission 49
  The European Parliament and National Parliaments 50
  The Council of Ministers 52
 The European Environment Agency 53
 Opinion-monitoring, reporting and evaluation 58
Inspectorates 69
 The Commission's proposals 69
 Witnesses' views 70
 Opinion-inspectorates 75
Enforcement 80
 The Commission's proposals 80
 Witnesses' views 82
 Opinion-enforcement 91
Complaints and Access to Justice 99
 The Commission's proposals 99
 Witnesses' views on national courts 100
 Opinion-national courts 102
 Witnesses' views on ombudsmen and tribunals 104
 Opinion-ombudsmen and tribunals 105
Non-governmental Organisations 106
 The Commission's proposals 106
 Witnesses' views 107
 Opinion-role of non-governmental organisations 110
Implications for the Future Enlargement of the Community 112
 Witnesses' views 112
  Opinion-implications for Community enlargement 114

General (i)
Preparation and formulation of policy (iv)
Form and drafting of legislation (vii)
Transposition and practical implementation (ix)
Monitoring, reporting and evaluation (xi)
Inspectorates (xix)
Enforcement (xxiv)
Access to justice (xxxi)
Non-governmental organisations (xxxiv)
Implications for the future enlargement of the Community (xxxv)
Recommendation to the House 116

Appendix 1-Membership of the Committee
Appendix 2-List of Witnesses
Appendix 3-Call for evidence, July 1996
Appendix 4-Commission's Communication : Implementing Community Environmental Law
Appendix 4- Part II
Appendix 4- Part III (Continued)
Appendix 4- Annexes
Appendix 5-Paper by Nigel Haigh for joint public hearing (EP and Commission), May 1996
Appendix 5- (Continued)
Appendix 6-European Parliament working document
Appendix 7-European Parliament Resolution on Community environmental law
Appendix 8-DOE discussion paper on the future role and organisation of IMPEL
Appendix 9-The Commission's General Guidelines for Legislative Policy
Appendix 10-DG XI Organisation Chart
Appendix 11-The Cabinet Office's Checklist "Implementing European Law"
Appendix 12-DOE discussion paper on the future role and organisation of IMPEL
Appendix 13-Commission's internal guidelines on enforcement and use of Article 169
Appendix 14-Glossary of acronyms etc

NOTE:    Pages of the Report and Appendices are numbered in bold type; pages of evidence are numbered in ordinary type. References in the text of the Report are as follows:

    (Q)    refers to a question in oral evidence;

    (p)    with a bold number refers to a page of the Report or Appendices and with an ordinary number to a page of evidence.

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Prepared 21 July 1997