Select Committee on European Communities Second Report


List of Witnesses

    The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence.

  Associated British Ports (ABP)

  Berry, Mr Allan W

  Boehmer-Christiansen, Dr Sonja

  British Nuclear Industry Forum

*  Commission of the European Communities

*  Confederation of British Industry

  Countryside Council for Wales

*  Department of the Environment

*  English Nature

*  Environment Agency

*  Environmental Services Association

*  European Environment Agency

*  European Environmental Bureau (EEB), UK Members

*  Friends of the Earth

  Health and Safety Executive

*  Institute for European Environmental Policy

  National Farmers' Unions

  Office of Water Services (OFWAT)

*  Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

  Scottish Natural Heritage

*  Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

  Toller Beattie, Solicitors

*  UK Environmental Law Association

  UK Major Ports Group Ltd (UK MPG)

*  Water Services Association

*   World Wide Fund for Nature

  WRc plc

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© Parliamentary copyright 1997
Prepared 21 July 1997