Select Committee on European Communities Third Report

APPENDIX 2 (Continued)


The European Parliament

The Treaty on European Union substantially increased the powers of the European Parliament, in particular with respect to legislation, where the Parliament was given a right of co-decision (with the Council) in certain areas... In general, we share the Government's view that the Parliament should grow into the powers it already has before seeking new ones...(249)

The question of the size of the Parliament is raised in the Parliament's Resolution, where it is proposed that it should be limited to 700 members. We consider it significant that this concern was raised by the Parliament itself. In the interests of efficiency, a limit is probably necessary...(250)


The European Parliament

The number of legislative procedures involving the European Parliament has been reduced to three: assent, co-decision and consultation. The so-called "cooperation procedure" is abolished, except for EMU[4].

Under Article 137 of the revised EC Treaty "the number of Members of the European Parliament shall not exceed seven hundred" (the European Parliament currently has 626 members).

4   Articles 103.5, 104a.2, 104b.2 and 105a.2. Back

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Prepared 24 July 1997