Select Committee on European Communities Third Report

APPENDIX 2 (Continued)


The Hierarchy of Norms and Comitology

We have in particular repeatedly called for more resources to be devoted to the politically unglamorous task of consolidation...(294)

On comitology, we are not persuaded that the practice on delegation to the Commission is seriously at fault... We do not agree with the proposal by the European Parliament that Management and Regulatory Committees should be abolished.(295)


The Hierarchy of Norms and Comitology

A Declaration annexed to the final Act affirms the importance of the quality of drafting of Community legislation and considers that the three institutions involved in adopting Community legislation should lay down guidelines on the quality of drafting. The Declaration also welcomes the inter-institutional agreement on an accelerated working method for official codification of legislative texts and encourages all the institutions involved to make their best efforts to accelerate the codification of legislative texts.

No changes proposed to comitology, but a declaration calls on the Commission to submit, by the end of 1998, proposals for change.

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Prepared 24 July 1997