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Select Committee on European Communities Seventeenth Report


List of Witnesses

The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked* gave formal oral evidence; those marked† gave informal oral evidence (not transcribed) during the Sub-Committee's visits to waste management facilities in Cambridgeshire and Scotland.

  Aspinwall & Company Limited

  Association of British Insurers

*  British Geological Survey

  Chemical Industries' Association

  Confederation of British Industry

*  Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions

†  Dundee City Council

  Energy from Waste Association

*  English Nature

*  Environment Agency

*  Environmental Services Association

*  European Commission, Directorate-General XI

†  Fife Council

  Food and Drink Federation

*  Friends of the Earth

*  (The) Geological Society

  Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine: Centre for

   Environmental Control and Waste Management

*  Institute of Wastes Management

  Local Authority Waste Disposal Companies Association

  Local Government Association

  Robert Long Consultancy Limited

  Natural Environment Research Council

  Open University Faculty of Technology: Environmental Engineering Group

   (Professor Andrew Porteous)

  Planning Officers' Society

†  Scottish Environment Protection Agency

  SERPLAN (The London and South East Regional Planning conference)

†  Shanks & McEwan Group PLC

  Tioxide Group Limited

  Waste Management International Services Limited

  Water Services Association

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