Select Committee on European Communities Thirtieth Report



ARA — Alliance for Regional Aid

CAP — Common Agricultural Policy

CBI — Confederation of British Industry

CEECs — Central and Eastern European Countries

COSLA — Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

CSF — Community Support Framework

DTI — Department of Trade and Industry

EAGGF — European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund

ECOS — European Cities Cooperation System

EMU — Economic and Monetary Union

EPRP — European Peace and Reconciliation Programme

ERDF — European Regional Development Fund

ESF — European Social Fund

FIFG — Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance

GDP — Gross Domestic Product

GNP — Gross National Product

HIE — Highlands and Islands Enterprise

ILO — International Labour Office

IEEP — Institute of European Environmental Policy

ISPA — Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession

LCC — Leeds City Council

LGA — Local Government Association

NEAP — National Employment Action Plan

NGOs — Non-Governmental Organisations

NUTS — Nomenclature of territorial statistical units

PMCs — Programme Monitoring Committees

RDA — Regional Development Agency

RETI — Association of European Regions of Industrial Technology

RSPB — Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

SME — Small and Medium Enterprises

SPDs — Single Programming Documents

TECs — Training and Enterprise Councils

TUC — Trades Union Congress

UCLAF — Unit for the Coordination of Fraud Prevention

WDA — Welsh Development Agency

Community Initiatives

INTERREG — Crossborder co-operation (Part A), energy networks (Part B), co-operation in the area of regional planning, in particular management of water supply (Part C)

KONVER — Economic diversification in regions heavily dependent on the defence sector

LEADER — Rural development

PESCA — Economic diversification in areas heavily dependent on the fisheries sector

RECHAR — Conversion of coal-mining areas

RESIDER — Conversion of steel areas

RESTRUCT — [Proposed] Industrial restructuring

RETEX — Economic diversification in areas heavily dependent on the textile and clothing industry

URBAN — Regeneration of crisis-struck areas in medium-sized and large towns

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