Select Committee on European Communities 31st Report

SCH/Com-ex(97) 1
Subject:Supplement to the budget for the Schengen Secretariat to cover the costs of the Joint Supervisory Authority
Legal base:Convention Articles 132 & 115
SCH/Com-ex(97) 2 rev 2
Subject:Award of contract for a preliminary study into the creation of a second generation Schengen Information System (SIS II)
Legal base:Convention Article 132
SCH/Com-ex(97) 3
Subject:Visiting Committee trip to the Nordic States to assess controls at their external borders
Legal base:Convention Articles 132 & 7
SCH/Com-ex(97) 4 rev
Subject:Factors to be taken into account in applying Article 36 of the Convention on special humanitarian or family circumstances which may justify family reunification
Legal base:Convention Articles 132 & 36
SCH/Com-ex(97) 5 rev
Subject:Decision to apply from 1 July 1997 the Convention provisions on the SIS and data protection in those States in which the Accession Agreement has entered into force by that date
Legal base:Convention Articles 132 and 139 and the Accession Agreements with Italy, Greece and Austria
  [A pre-condition for the Convention to apply in full to acceding members is that the SIS is operational—it becomes operational once "real data" have been entered by the acceding States. Once this is achieved, the Decision anticipates full entry into force of the Convention for the three acceding States on 26 October 1997].
SCH/Com-ex(97) 6 rev
Subject:Approval of Schengen Manual on police cooperation in the field of public order and security
Legal base:Convention Articles 132 & 46
  [The draft Decision defining the Schengen acquis refers to a second revised version of this document].
SCH/Com-ex(97) 8
Subject:Presidency to be held by Belgium from January to June 1998
Legal base:Convention Article 132 and Executive Committee Rules of Procedure of 14 December 1993 (SCH/Com-ex(93) 1, rev 2)
SCH/Com-ex(97) 10
Subject:Supplement to the 1997 budget for the SIS
Legal base:Convention Articles 132, 92 & 119 and the Financial Regulations on the installation and operating costs of the SIS (SCH/Com-ex(93) 16 and SCH/Com-ex(96) 23)
SCH/Com-ex(97) 11
Subject:Approval of additional expenditure for the SIS installation budget
Legal base:Convention Articles 132, 92 & 119
SCH/Com-ex(97) 12
Subject:Budget to cover expenditure by the Management Unit for 1997
Legal base:Convention Article 132 and the Financial Arrangement of 14 December 1997
SCH/Com-ex(97) 13
Subject:Minor textual amendments to the Common Manual on external border controls concerning controls on passengers on high-speed trains
Legal base:Convention Articles 132 & 8
SCH/Com-ex(97) decl 1 rev 3
Subject:Approval of annual report on the functioning of the Schengen Convention in 1996
SCH/Com-ex(97) decl 2
Subject:Guidelines on the definition of the powers of the Presidency and the General-Secretariat in the field of external relations
  [In general, the Presidency maintains contacts with third countries on all matters with a political dimension whereas the General-Secretariat transmits factual information of a more general and non-political nature upon request].
SCH/Com-ex(97) decl 5 rev
Subject:Conclusions of the Lisbon Seminar (April 1997) on joint measures taken by police services in Schengen States to avoid recourse to Article 2(2) of the Convention on the reinstatement of border controls
SCH/Com-ex(97) decl 6
Subject:Approval of document outlining possible measures which may form the basis for common positions on how to deal with problems in ascertaining the identity of aliens and obtaining alternative travel documents
SCH/Com-ex(97) decl 7
Subject:Framework for contacts with Central and Eastern European countries, including the Baltic States and Russia (in German)
SCH/Com-ex(97) decl 8
Subject:Evaluation of a pilot project on the surveillance of routes used for the trafficking of stolen vehicles
SCH/Com-ex(97) decl 9
Subject:Pilot projects on narcotic drugs and illegal immigration (in German)
  [Annex only available—text of Declaration missing].
SCH/Com-ex(97) decl 10
Subject:Entry into force of the Schengen Convention in Italy, Greece and Austria (in German)
  [This Declaration provides for Italy to be fully integrated into the Schengen Information System from 26 October 1997. It notes that neither Greece nor Austria has yet ratified all the instruments to enable the Convention to enter into force].

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