Select Committee on European Communities Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary Evidence from the Air Transport Users Council

  During the evidence session this morning, my Chairman offered to send to you the attached list of Members of the Council, together with a copy of our latest annual report. As you will see from the personal profiles in the back of the annual report, Members are drawn from all parts of the country and represent a broad cross-section of the travelling public with a balance between those who travel on business and those who are primarily leisure travellers.

  The Chairman also asked me to correct a possibly misleading impression we may have given concerning European Community funding for the AUC and similar bodies in other Member States. The Commission makes no grant to the Federation of Air Transport users Representatives in Europe (FATURE) or to its Member organisations. The Commission does however meet the cost of travel of two members from each organisation for consultation meetings in Brussels twice a year. This is no different from the basis on which the Commission funds the other meetings of "experts" that it convenes. I hasten to add that the AUC is funded entirely by the Civil Aviation Authority and any reimbursement of travel costs received from the European Commission are paid back to the Authority.

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