Select Committee on European Communities Thirty-Third Report


List of Witnesses

The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence.

    *  Department for International Development

    *  Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions

      Professor Michael Holman, University of Leeds

      Kazakhstan Government

    *  Environment Agency

      Environmental Resources Management Limited

    *  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    *  European Commission, Directorate-General 1A

      European Environment Agency

    *  Field Studies Council

      Local Authorities:

        *Hampshire County Council, *Mendip District Council, Sheffield City Council and *Southampton City Council

      Professor Juliet Lodge, University of Leeds

    *  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

      Ukrainian Government

      World Bank

    *  World Wide Fund for Nature


Members of Sub-Committee C had informal discussions with a wide range of persons and organisations involved with Tacis in Kiev, Moscow, St Petersburg and Brussels, including the following:

Ukraine and the Russian Federation (8-12 June 1998)

(Chairman, Lord Walpole, Baroness Wilcox, Specialist Adviser and Clerk)

Kiev, 8-9 June

  HM Ambassador to Ukraine (Mr Roy Reeve) and staff

  European Union Delegation to Ukraine:

    Mr Ferrucio Bogo and Ms Katarina Wallin

  Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine:

    Dr Yaroslav Movchan (Deputy Minister)

    Dr Vyacheslav Magmedov (Head of International Relations Department)

    Dr Kharamoushka (Deputy Head)

  Green Dossier Information Centre:

    Ms Tamara Malkova

  Tacis Common Environmental Policies programme:

    Mr Dominique Larré (in-country adviser)

  Tacis Co­ordinating Unit, Ukraine:

    Mrs Natalya Ryabtseva (Director), Ms Svetlana Kaltygina and Mr Dan Nicolau

  Tacis Raising Environmental Awareness programme:

    Ms Marie Mojaisky, Regional Director for Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

Moscow, 10 June

  European Union Delegation to the Russian Federation:

    Mr Klaus Schmidt, Mr Thomas Wiley, Mr Vladimir Korneev, Mr Giovanni Cremonini and others

  Tacis Monitoring Programme for the Russian Federation:

    Mr Peter Welch

  Tacis Coordinating Unit, Russian Federation:

    Mr Joseph Hercel

  Members of Tacis project teams:

    Ms Dominique Larsimont, Ms Olga Troitskaya, Mr Rieks Bosch, Mr Gennady Golubev and others

  State Committee for Environmental Protection:

    Professor Viktor Danilov-Danilyan (Chairman) and senior staff

    Mr Sergei Kurayev (Director, Department for International Co-operation)

    Mr Yevgeny Vystorobets


    Ms Olga Ponizova

  Russian Green Cross:

    Professor Sergei Baronovsky

  Centre for Russian Environmental Policy:

    Professor Alexei Yablokov

  Mr Simon Smith, Counsellor (Science and Technology), British Embassy, and colleagues

St Petersburg, 11-12 June

  HM Consul­General (Mr John Guy) and staff

  ECAT—Environmental Centre for Administration and Technology:

    Ms Marina Korobeinikova (Director) and colleague

  Tacis Raising Environmental Awareness programme:

    Mr Valentin Yemelin, Director, St Petersburg office

  Baltic Fund for Nature (St Petersburg Society of Naturalists):

    Professor Roustam Sagitov and Mr Alexei Zavarzin

  St Petersburg City Administration:

    Mr Anatoly Bayev, Head of Department of Environmental Protection

  CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly:

    Ms N Golubetskaya

  Mr Andrei Brodsky, Local Agenda 21 Co­ordinator

  Tacis Technical Office, St Petersburg:

    Mr Matti Salimäki

  Vodokanal St Petersburg, Northern Water Supply Station:

    Mr Aleksandr Murlin Director), Mr Mikhail Grigoriev (Deputy Director), Mr Vladimir Chernov (Chief Engineer) and colleagues

At a reception hosted by HM Consul­General, the Sub-Committee met a number of other representatives of city and regional administrations, environmental non­governmental organisations, municipal institutions and organisations, donor bodies and EU Member States' consular services.

Brussels, 2 July 1998

(Chairman, Lord Hughes of Woodside, Lord Judd, Lord Middleton, Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede, Specialist Adviser and Clerk)

Office of the UK Permanent Representative to the European Union

  Sir Stephen Wall and staff

European Commission, DG 1A

  Mr Timo Summa, Director, Directorate C (Relations with the NIS and Mongolia) and staff

European Commission, DG XI

  Ms Anna Bramwell, Principal Administrator

European Parliament

  Mr Ken Collins, Chairman, Committee on Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection

  Mrs Clare Wells, Head of Committee Secretariat

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